I know I've said this before and I will probably most definitely say it again.  On occasion, I tend to read books and series out of order. So, after I read An Act of Redemption before I ever read the Men of Honor series, I promised my friend Marcia I would absolutely get to the Men of Honor series and I'm sorry to say, even though the whole series is on my Kindle I still have it on my TBR (sorry Marcia sad face emoji).

But guess what? I devoured An Act of Salvation and found a new book boyfriend to be in love with. Nick Stone, even his name is super swoon worthy. With steel blue-grey eyes, dark hair and a body Kate describes as lethal, he is male perfection. Add the decorative ink down one arm and across his shoulder to the mix with a huge alpha male vibe and I stopped breathing because he is everything every girl wants.

Nick hasn't had an easy life. Abandoned by his mother at age six, he vows to never love anyone again so he doesn't have to go through the hurt of losing them. Problem...he is very attracted to his best friends sister. Only he won't let himself go there because Katelyn Slade is worth more and he knows he can't be the one to give that to her.

Kolan and Katelyn Slade are brother and sister. They grew up in a horribly abusive household and Kolan and Nick spend a lot of time as teenagers trying to protect Kate. This is no easy task because at age seventeen Kate is a complete head turner. Nick himself calls her a bombshell.

Nick knows Kate is attracted to him. One night when Nick is "rescuing" Kate from a party she wasn't supposed to be at, he gives into temptation and gives Katelyn one night. Only one night because he knows he could never give her more. After that night Nick disappears. Leaving Kate with only a memory and a heart stone that says "you are more".

After their one night together Nick disappears and the two don't see each other for seven years. It's not until Kate calls Nick to help her after a huge scandal blows up with her brother Kolan, who's now a very successful boxer.

They've never gotten over that one night together and even though they've both been with other people their attraction is ignited the minute they see each other again. Nick and Kate's chemistry is so hot, I swear I needed a cold shower to cool off. Nick is naughty and perfect and so in love with Kate it's ridiculous.

That doesn't mean it's happily ever after for Nick and Kate. Remember he still deals with abandonment issues and Kate's dealing with the abuse she lived through as a child.

K.C. Lynn writes a story that had me on the edge of my seat. I love the storyline and I love the characters. And heaven help me I love Nick Stone. Of course K.C. brings the Men of Honor into the story and they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you haven't one clicked An Act of Salvation yet, what on earth are you waiting for? It was one of those books that I absolutely could not put down. I literally couldn't stop reading. It's a book that made me tear up, gave me that achy feeling in my heart and ultimately made me thankful that I have discovered K.C. Lynn. This is the second book of hers I have read and it's another five lip smack review!


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