I didn't think I could love a Page brother more than I loved Till Page in Fighting Silence. Then I read Fighting Solitude and met Quarry Page. How is a girl supposed to choose? That's the good thing about book boyfriends, you NEVER have to have just one.

When we met Quarry in Fighting Silence he was a little boy. A precocious boy who was trying to be a grown up at 6 years old. Since his dad was a criminal and his mom was useless, Quarry's two older brothers raised him. What? You haven't met the older Page boys? I suggest you meet them by one clicking Fighting Silence and Fighting Shadows. The Page brothers are about as swoon worthy as they come. Anyway back to Quarry's story.

Quarry himself admits he was born into the world fighting. His parents were in his own words, losers and basically Till and Flint raised Quarry. When Till gets together with Eliza, she becomes Quarry's mother figure. But I'm getting lost again.

Fighting Silence begins with Quarry meeting Liv James. If she seems familiar she is. Her dad is Leo James, the head of security for Slate Andrews, boxer and owner of the gym the Page brothers fight for. All of the Page boys are fighters, literally and figuratively. They have worked themselves up from nothing to well respected members of the boxing community. But believe me, they struggled for everything they achieved.

The day Quarry meets Liv they become automatic friends. Liv is having trouble with two boys from the gym. She's adamant that even though she's a girl, she can defend herself. The two forge a bond and know everything about each other (well almost). Liv is always Quarry's calming influence.

Unfortunately, an incident takes place that severs Liv and Quarry's friendship and basically sends Quarry into a downward spiral. They miss each other terribly, but spend several years apart. During their time apart and probably even before that Liv realizes she's in love with Quarry.

By the time Liv comes back, Quarry's got a girlfriend and somehow the three become the very best of friends. Let's just say things don't always turn out the way we think they will and Quarry realizes Liv is someone he can't live without. I don't want to say too much and it's definitely not a cheating story.

I am in absolute love with Quarry Page. Dark hair, hazel eyes and a body that is lethal. Even though he's rough around the edges, Quarry is supremely swoon worthy. When Quarry decides to make something his there's no stopping him. Some of the things Quarry said and did for Liv made me melt into a puddle. 

There's so much more to this story, but I don't want to give anything away. I will tell you if you like books about hot, boxing alpha males, this is a series you should definitely one click. All three Page brothers love their women like crazy and Aly Martinez has given them sassy women who give them a run for their money.

Aly Martinez creates a great story. Fighting Solitude is more than just a boxing story. It's more than just a love story. It's a story about family and friendship and fighting your demons together.  It's about exactly what Aly Martinez says, overcoming the madness to finally realize you might just be meant for each other. 

A super swoon worthy five lip smack review for Fighting Solitude and Quarry Page.

Every. Single. Day.


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