I spent a lot of yesterday in tears as I read M. Robinson's latest installment of her Good Ol' Boys series Undo Me. Dylan and Aubrey's story will grab you, suck you in and yes, quite literally undo you. I discovered this series in December and devoured the first two books within days of each other. Like most everyone else on the planet, I eagerly awaited the day Undo Me appeared on my Kindle. I picked it up and couldn't put it down.

M. Robinson is a fantastic storyteller. Her characters become a part of you and Dylan and Aubry were no different. Many Good Ol' Boys readers mention they weren't crazy about Dylan from the first two books. I always liked Dylan. He went through his teenage manwhore days, but when he got with Aubrey, she was it for him. Dylan is cocky and arrogant, but it totally worked for him.

I loved going back to their high school days when Dylan and Aubrey first met. I loved her sassiness and how she was the complete opposite of all the girls who were willing to give Dylan McGraw whatever he wanted. I loved that he wanted to date Aubrey and prove she was different from the other girls.

Let's talk about Dylan, shall we? Because I never thought I'd fall for someone so opposite of my usual book boyfriend, but I did. Dylan is an absolute Alpha male. He loved fiercely and completely. He would do anything for the people he loved and that drew me to him. Not to mention that drawl. Good Lord all he would have had to do was call me darlin' or suga' and he would have owned me.

Which leads me to how very sexy Dylan is and how he knows how to please a woman. He's got a very naughty mouth and damn does he know how to use it. But he's also so much more than that. 

As much as they love each other, and they do from a very young age truly love each other, the tragedy that tears them apart is gut wrenching. My heart actually hurt for both Dylan and Aubrey as they fought to get their lives back. 

Once again, I liked Aubrey from the start. I loved when she called out Lucas for denying his feelings for Alex in Complicate Me, and I like her even more now that I know her whole story. I won't lie. There were some parts I was really frustrated with her, but I ultimately got it and forgave her.

M. Robinson has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you're actually a part of her characters. You feel what they feel and let me tell you I was a tear stained mess for at least half of Undo Me. There's so much of Dylan and Aubrey's story that's heartbreaking, but there's a bigger part that is a beautiful love story. 

I love when the rest of the good ol' boys show up in the story. I love how Alex is still the glue that holds them together. I love when M. Robinson goes back to scenes from the first two books and you get the POV from a different character.

So M. Robinson once again thank you for the angst and the ugly cry. Let's face it, sometimes we all need an ugly cry. I suspect it will be the same with Austin and Briggs story and I can't wait. Once again a five lip smack review for Undo Me. Beautifully written and so far one of my favorite books of this year.


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