Kelly Elliot is and has always been one of my go to authors. She has solidified her status with me in Chasing You which is part of the Love Wanted In Texas series. You've already met Meg and Grayson in Finding You which is Grace and Noah's story.

Grayson Bennett is Noah's hotter than hot former stripper turned detective. He and Meg Atwood, Brad and Amanda's daughter have been hooking up for about a year. Gray has developed some feelings for Meg and even though Meg has feelings too, she doesn't want to move out of the friends with benefits zone.

It's not that she isn't into Gray. She is most definitely. Meg's incredibly afraid of getting her heart broken. It doesn't help that she's overheard a conversation where Gray is telling Noah he's kind of into some new girl at work, Claire.

What Grayson doesn't know is Claire is a girl who bullied Meg all through college. Bullying so bad that it influenced the path she took in life. She counsels at risk children who are being bullied. Meg is extremely dedicated to her and you see it when she interacts with Mitchell, a boy who is being bullied. She does everything she can to help him.

So back to Gray and Meg. Let me tell you. They have the most amazing chemistry of any of Kelly Elliott's characters. No joke, they are blazing hot. Like I need a cold shower or Grayson Bennett in my bed kind of hot.

I mean it. I am completely enamored with Gray. Admittedly, he is beyond gorgeous and the description of his body alone gets me tingly all over. As book boyfriend material, holy swoon worthy. He is ready to be all in with Meg and even though she's not on the same page, he does everything right. I loved the day they spent in the friend zone. It was funny to see two people with combustible chemistry try to fight it.

Anyway, my girl Kelly Elliot knows how to write a sexy scene. Literally, every time Meg and Gray are together the pages of the book sizzle. Whether they're in the heat of raw passion or being tender and romantic, they are hot! Hot! Hot!

Whoa! I just got a little lost there. In the midst of all this hotness there is a really good story. The main part of the story is the growing relationship between Meg and Gray. But there are other pieces of the story that just add to the perfection of Kelly Elliot. Claire makes an appearance in this book (and oh how I love karma).

Let's not forget the awesomeness when all of the Wanted and Love Wanted in Texas series come together. Oh my glitter! I love when all the girls get together on phone calls. And of course the shenanigans of the original Wanted series are always fun to read.

So yes, I love, love, love Chasing You. With the exception of Gunner, Grayson Bennett is by far one of my most favorite book boyfriends ever. When Gray dances for Meg...ahhhhhhhhh I just can't. A five lip smack review for this book and even though I can't wait for the next book, the idea of this series ending hurts my heart a little bit.


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