A good reader friend of mine kept asking me if I read Pucked by Helena Hunting. She knew it was on my TBR and she loved it. So of course she wanted to be able to talk about it. I had been in quite the reading slump and was trying to get out of it so I finally picked it up and thank goodness because Pucked is the book that got me back to reading. Good Lord, Alex Waters and his MC just got me right out of that slump. Of course I read Sunny and Miller's story in Pucked Up (both five star reviews btw). Obviously, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Pucked Over. I was fortunate enough to get an ARC and I'm pretty sure I read it the day I got it.

In case you're not from this planet, Pucked Over is the story of Sunny's best friend Lily and Miller's and Alex's friend and teammate Randy "Balls" Ballistic. You remember Randy Balls, right? Miller wanted to fix him up with Violet, but Violet couldn't even say his name with a straight face. Well she still can't even hear his name or see him without doing something hilarious.

But this book is about Lily and Randy so let me get on with their story. After an embarrassing and hilarious first meeting at Alex's house in Canada, Randy who is quite the ladies man offers a proposition to Lily who's on the rebound after breaking up with her long time boyfriend. Personally, the long time boyfriend is a jackass and Lily was too good for him, but that's just my opinion. He was the kind of guy that brought Lily down instead of build her up. And let's face it, Randy Ballistic is hot AF, who wouldn't want to rebound with him.

Now remember, Lily and Sunny are best friends, so Miller, Sunny's boyfriend basically is all over Randy about not hurting Lily. Of course Randy says don't worry we're just having fun. Let me tell you they have the kind of fun that made me pretty jealous. Several times in the bathroom, in the bedroom, on the counter. Randy is named perfectly, if you know what I mean. He is also very, very giving.

Another thing about Randy, he's not really about the bunnies, but he doesn't do relationships either. So you would think he wouldn't be a candidate for a good book boyfriend, right? Wrong! He's completely honest with Lily and they basically both start this relationship for fun. Randy makes Lily promise if it gets to be too much she tells him and they both walk away. Sounds like a plan right?

Did I forget to mention how hot Randy is? Generally, I am not about facial hair, but Randy Ballistic works it like nobody's business and those tattoos and honey colored eyes....yum. Don't forget he's a pro athlete, so his body is ridiculous.

Randy and Lily's chemistry is super hot. Wherever they are, whenever they're together sparks fly. They feel electricity as soon as they touch. So imagine how steamy their sexy time is!

I love the way Helena Hunting writes. She writes an awesome book boyfriend, but I LOVE her female characters as well. They're funny, sometimes they totally lack a filter (Violet) and they're definitely not shy about their sexuality. I love the way all three couples interact in this book and you will absolutely have some definite laugh out loud moments. Actually Helena Hunting, I think I love you! Thank you for ending my book slump with a sexy, very humorous read!

 Pucked Over an absolutely funny, definitely sexy,  small bump in the road read. It gets an absolute five lip smack review from this girl. Alex Waters I still love you best, but Randy Balls you came very close to taking first place!


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