Ok, I'm going to admit something. Don't get crazy, but I've never read any of the Mitchell Family series books before. I know, I know, EVERYONE loves them. Unfortunately, I've never read one before, so Cammie was a brand new experience for me. I need to give a huge THANK YOU to Jennifer Foor for putting a totally detailed Mitchell/Healy family history at the beginning because it was super helpful.

With that being said, I really enjoyed Cammie. Yes I will read the following books in this series and I'll absolutely be digging into the Mitchell Family.

Cammie is the daughter of Conner and Amy Healy. She is one of four children, three girls and one boy. For all intents and purposes, she is the perfect child. Beautiful, brilliant, she has her whole life planned out for her. 

Cammie's in her last semester of undergraduate school (Pre-Med) with a full academic scholarship. She's on her way to Stanford Medical School also on scholarship. That is until she has a class with one very sexy, very married Professor Jameson Willis. Cammie tries her hardest to stay away, but Professor Willis is a very persistent man and he wants Cammie. After a lot of sweet talk, (Jameson does say all the right things) he and Cammie embark on a steamy affair. You get the picture. He makes a young, naive Cammie a boatload of promises he never intends to keep. 

After facing problems no 23 year old who's as smart as Cammie should have to face, she decides to travel across country back to her family for their support. Here's where it gets tricky. Mom and dad (especially dad) are devastated by what Cammie reveals to  them. There's a ton of family drama and I truly felt sorry for Cammie. 

Then there's the book boyfriend part. You didn't think it was Jameson Willis did you? No way. The book boyfriend comes in the shape of extremely handsome and perfect Wesley Parrish. Wesley happens to be the best friend of Cammie's brother. He has also had a crush on Cammie for as long as he can remember. His childhood nickname being Bucky, it's safe to assume that Cammie didn't return those feelings when they were younger. 

Where Cammie traveled 3,000 miles from her North Carolina home to find herself, Wes stayed put and plans on taking over his family's business. When Cammie comes back and sees Wes, he feels it's finally his chance to get the girl of his dreams. Hmmmmmm...did I mention Cammie's younger sister already has a thing for Wes?

Book boyfriend wise, Wesley Parrish is perfection. He is beautiful. Dark wavy hair, light blue eyes surrounded by dark lashes and full lips. Not to mention an outstanding, fit body. His personality is equally stellar and damn if I didn't want him for myself. 

Can Cammie get her life back on track? Have we heard the last from Professor Willis? Most importantly, will Cammie give Wes the chance he's been waiting for forever? I'm not telling! You have to one click Cammie and find out for yourself.

Again, I completely enjoyed this book and Jenn Foor's writing and yes I'd absolutely recommend reading it. I plan on reading the next installment of the Mitchell/Healy series and getting caught up on the books I've missed out on. 

A four lip smack review for Jennifer Foor and Cammie. I'm definitely looking forward to what's coming up next!


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