I remember one clicking Sierra Simone's Priest and wondering as a born and raised yet non practicing Catholic, will God be mad if I read this book? I think Sierra captures the essence of being a Catholic perfectly. First in Priest and now in Midnight Mass.

Yes, Tyler Bell and Poppy are back in this holiday novella and let me tell you, they are just as hot and dirty this time, as they were before.

Tyler and Poppy have been married for three years. He is working on his doctoral dissertation and she is the owner of a successful studio. Their lives have become insanely busy and little things keep happening that gnaw at Tyler's soul.

He already has more guilt on him than any one man should. He believes that God is just waiting to punish him for breaking his vows, for leaving the church, for well, being happy. It's almost like he's afraid to be happy and let go because he's always waiting for the other shoe to drop (good old Catholic guilt). 

Missed dinners, a sleeping wife, and Anton a business partner of Poppy's keep building up and building up the anxiety until it all comes crashing down. On the one night Poppy needs Tyler by her side, he arrives three hours late. Their ensuing argument leads to an incredibly racy, dirty, angry sexual encounter that Blew. Me. Away. 

After this angry blow out comes the bump. It's very hard to watch Tyler and Poppy hurt so much. They are a couple that absolutely love each other, but sometimes that love just isn't enough. 

Throughout much of the novella, Tyler seems to be almost trying to sabotage he and Poppy's happiness. He truly is a very angsty character and I can't figure out why I love him so much. Is it the incredible body? The beautiful green eyes that melt even his very pregnant doctoral advisor? Or the very dirty dominant part of his personality that comes out to play with Poppy and becomes Father Bell? I don't know but I cannot get enough of Father Bell.

Then there's Poppy. I adore her. She's strong, and independent, but she loves Tyler like nobody's business and she fights for their love a lot during this novella. I'm not going to lie, I teared up a few times while reading Midnight Mass. Some of the themes just tug at your heart strings. 

As a couple Tyler and Poppy have sexual chemistry that is off the chain hot. Their love scenes are on fire. Tyler's filthy mouth is enough to make even the sourest nun hot and bothered. One thing I know for sure, I am all about dominant Father Bell. I'd let him dirty me up any time.

As with Priest, there are some things I'll never look at the same in church again. I doubt I'll ever be able to go into a confessional and not think of Father Bell. And well let's be real, I'll never think of anointing oil the same again (wink, wink).

So once again, bless me Father for I have sinned and as long as Sierra Simone keeps writing Father Bell, I'll keep sinning (forgive me).

Five lip smacks for Poppy and Tyler!!!


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