Out Of Plans is the follow up to Best Laid Plans.  You need to read BLP before you read OOP.  This is the 7th book published by Stylo and I have read them all.  I am a huge fan and once again Stylo has written characters with depth and a story that you will definitely lose yourself in.  Out Of Plans is as action packed, sexy and intriguing as Best Laid Plans.  All of the main characters from book 1 return with the added bonus of a new sexy, hot villain/bad guy (or is he?) Damiano Ledo.

Lily has been left alone and trying to deal with the fact that Marc has dumped her, because she is unworthy.  Now, we all know that Marc left to protect Lily but she doesn’t feel that.  Lily seeks out Kingsley, who is knee deep in dealing with his own demons.  They form an unlikely duo and the brilliant Kingsley teaches Lily to become a lethal and cunning mercenary in her own right. Fighting, stealing and kidnapping become the norm for Lily, which is exactly what Marc wanted to stop.  Let me tell you though, Lily is a real badass, I mean she kicks butt and takes names. Once again, I totally am enamored with her!

Marc, who is alone and on a mission to find Stankovsky to kill him for Lily is determined to succeed.  For her, he needs to do this.  Completely unaware what she’s been up to Marc is in for a very big surprise.  I felt so bad for Marc who, while trying to do the right thing for the first time in his life has sacrificed his only chance at some normalcy, some happiness, even some humanity.  We see a very vulnerable side to Marc in OOP, which I really loved!!! Oh, and by the way, Marc is still as hot and sexy as ever!!!

The story really begins to go crazy when the most awesome trio ever meets up again and works towards a common goal: Kill Stankovsky for Lily.  I really love how these 2 strong men have given Lily the respect she has earned as an equal!  The plot twists and turns once again like a roller coaster ride. I said this in my review of BLP and I will say it again… Stylo’s writing is so real and descriptive I felt like I was transported into the story and watched it play out right in front of me.  Simply amazing!!! 

Despite all that is going on around them, Marc and Lily still manage to talk, fight and well you can imagine.  They are passionate and it comes out in many forms. Let’s not forget that Lily has spent 6 months day and night with Kingsley which makes for a very interesting part of their story.  Kingsley is very protective of Lily as well and let’s just say that Marc and his friend butt heads on more than one occasion.  And don’t forget that Stylo has introduced us to the very handsome Damiano, adding another alpha man to the mix. Sometimes, I really wished I was Lily…

I would love to see some spin off series for Kingsley; especially since we have really been introduced to quite a few new sides to this extremely charming and intriguing man.  I loved that Stylo gave us such a good look into him, and boy was this man seriously damaged. I think Stylo even gave us a big clue as to why with just one word.  Leaving that crumb hanging I totally want more.  Besides Kingsley, I think we could definitely see a series with Damiano Ledo.  He is mysterious and handsome and I just need more of him!!  Stylo always gets me hooked on her secondary characters, she writes them better than anyone in my opinion!

If I was in a movie theater and this book was playing out I would be on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Lily finally gets the revenge she wants. I was biting my nails and freaking out, because just when I thought I knew what was happening, bam, another plot twist.  The question that kept coming up was could Lily kill in cold blood? Can she take someone’s life when she wasn’t fighting for her own?  The good news is you will find out, but be warned; the journey is scary and hard yet completely amazing!

Out Of Plans is a huge, action packed 5 lip smack read!  Enjoy the ride!!!


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