"Rest easy knowing that not a day will pass that I won't make sure they know how grateful I am that I've been given that gift. Not a day will pass that I don't show them how much I love them in return. I'll fight to keep them safe, I would give my own life to make that promise a reality if need be. And one day, if Molly decides it so, I hope to share the title you had while in her world, but if that day never comes, I'll still love her as if she was my own. I owe you my thank and so much more for loving Megan and bringing her everything she needed while you were here. You have no worries now, brother, knowing that I'll do everything in my power to give them the world."

If you haven't read Bleeding Love by Harper Sloan yet...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Every time Harper Sloan, with the children of the Corps Security men that I already love, you make me fall in love a little bit more.

Bleeding Love is the second book in the Hope Town series and yes I'm telling you now, If you haven't read Cage and Dani's story Unexpected Fate, read it first. Bleeding Love picks up where this one ends. 

Liam Beckett. I have no words good enough to describe what this man did to me in Bleeding Love. I thought Cohen Cage was perfect, (and ok, so he is) but Liam Beckett is beyond perfection. He decided he found "the one" for him two years ago when Megan and Molly came to town and he's not giving up the fight to make her his.

Liam or Lee as everyone but Megan call him has made it pretty well known he'd like to get to know Megan better. Megan is new to the Corp Security gang. Cage brought Megan to Hope Town after her marine husband was killed during his deployment. She's crushed and broken. The only thing that brings any light to her life if her five year old daughter Molly. Molly brings light to everyone's life she touches. She is such a sweet and loving character, I absolutely adore her.

So after spending one incredibly passion filled night with Liam, she does what no girl in her right mind should ever do. She completely avoids him. And Liam being Liam allows her this avoiding time. All the while planning with his BFF Dani how to make Megan his.

Making Megan his is no easy task. The woman's got a lot of darkness and guilt to overcome. Thank goodness Liam has a plan to get her to see life is worth living. Especially a life that includes him. Unfortunately, Megan doesn't make it easy for Lee. As a matter of fact, everyone (even Molly) except Megan can see that they belong together. 

When he starts working on his list, of course he starts wearing Megan down. Everything on his list is something to make Megan feel again. And you know when you start to feel again, there are always stumbling blocks. It seems every time Megan seems to get past one thing, something else pops up.

Everything about Liam Beckett is swoon worthy. From his dark brown hair and eyes to that stubble on his square jaw. And don't let me get started on that body. Wait, did I leave out the knee melting smile and the dimple. Because truth, Liam would've melted more than my knees with that smile. Ok, let's be real the whole time I was reading all I pictured was cover model BT Urruela. Ladies, how could you not?

So add to the beauty of the man in my head to the awesome story created by Harper Sloan and you have a book that is an absolute must read.

One of the many things I love about Harper Sloan's writing is the humor that she brings to her books. Bleeding Love had me laughing out loud in some parts. As alpha as she makes her men they are always able to do something that makes you smile. Nate and Sway both cracked me up, not to mention grown men and tea parties.

If you are all about sexy alpha males who do whatever they have to do to get the girl, one click Bleeding Love ASAP. I really couldn't put it down. So yes Harper Sloan, I've fallen in love with yet another offspring of a Corps Security man.

A five lip smack review for Bleeding Love a fabulous story that made me laugh, swoon and shed a tear as well. 


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