Another half an hour. Thirty minutes 'til she's back in my arms. Christ - I haven't craved a woman like this in years. Just five hours, and I feel like it's been days... weeks, even. This feeling is achingly familiar, and yet so foreign to me.

Her honest - cripples me.
Her green eyes - Kryptonite to my soul.
Her touch - ignites every fiber of my being.
Her mind - intrigues me.

Kind of unusual sentiments from a man who just had a woman sign a contract to be his very well kept "girlfriend", right? But that's exactly how Mitchell Colton, extraordinarily wealthy, very easy on the eyes corporate mogul feels about Charlotte McKendrick the moment he meets her. Even though this girlfriend contract very explicitly states this "relationship" is only a business transaction, it seems Mr. Colton could possibly be ready to break his own rules.

Charlotte, (you can call her Charley) is an extremely attractive woman, whose boneheaded husband left her and their three children to find himself. Yes, he left her. Not said let's get a divorce and split stuff up like everyone else. Just walked out and hasn't been seen nor heard from since. So caveman Josh who never was much of a husband to begin with, leaves Charlotte with no means of supporting herself and her children. Thank the Lord she has a wonderful support system. Her parents are fabulous and her sister CiCi is hilarious. Not the mention her circle of friends, the GEGs (read the book, you'll find out). They have Charlotte's back all the time and they are excellent comic relief. The GEGs admit to acting like 12 year olds and they have no plan of changing. I absolutely love that. They are definitely the kind of  women you'd want as friends. Well I'd want them as friends. My inner 12 year old comes out often.

About to lose her home, Charlotte comes upon a job "interview" to work for Mr. Mitchell Colton. As painful as it is for her, she'll do anything to keep a roof over her children's heads. Hopeful that Mitchell (please remember to call him Mitchell), doesn't realize she's never done this before, Charlotte embarks on being his back and call girl (I'm sorry, sometimes I can't resist). Their physical attraction is apparent from the second they see each other. Their chemical attraction is off the charts. Charlotte has never been satisfied by her lunkhead ex-husband and of course Mitchell makes Charlotte feel desirable. They are hot, hot, hot and a little (no, a lot) naughty in bed together. Their passion is explosive and Mitchell has Charlotte doing things she'd never dreamed of doing. Not to mention the screaming his name out pleasure that Mitchell gives her. I promise you they are Africa hot and do not seem like they're filling a business deal from word one.

Try as they might, Charlotte and Mitchell can't help but fall for each other. Even though they both don't want it to happen, it does. Not only does it happen, but it scares the hell out of both of them and threatens to tear them apart before they even get started. The fears they have, and the walls they put up make for some pretty intense arguments between them. A few times, even though he doesn't want to, Mitchell tries to tear up Charlotte's contract. What I love about Charlotte, is she never backs down. Mitchell Colton has definitely met his match in Charlotte McKendrick.

The back and forth between Mitch and Charlotte will have you laughing out loud. Their text messages are equally amusing. I am a sucker for a love at first sight story. But here's the thing. Even though they both feel it, they've gotten so many walls built between the two of them, you wonder if it's even possible for them to work out.

There are some definite bumps along the road for Charlotte and Mitch. They each have a secret that equals plot twist. When you realize their story can go either way, I guarantee you'll be cheering for them to stay together. Well I did because I always want the happily ever after. Are you wondering if I got my happily ever after? Then read the book! 

Mitchell Colton is definitely not my usual book boyfriend, but by the end of Under Contract, I absolutely would want Mitch in my life and in my bed. I loved this story because it had such an original plot line. It was different  than anything I've read so far this summer. How many books have you read where a mom of three signs a contract to be a hotshot executive's girlfriend?

I have to give Under Contract a five lip smack review. As I said the story was unique, the characters had me laughing out loud, and Charlotte's snark is probably one of my favorite things ever. 

Oh and don't forget....Don't let anyone piss in your stew!


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