"I've got you beat then," he said in his most superior tone. "I've wanted you from the minute I saw you at that gas station. It made me furious to see you going around in that outfit, showing off your luscious body to anyone who happened to drive by. It was all I could do not to snatch you up and run away with you on the spot." ~ Ethan Moore

The past three books that I've read have definitely gutted me. So Road Tripping was a welcome departure from the tear jerkers of the past week. 

Ashley Sullivan is a good girl. She has to be, her brother Mark has been a huge disappointment to their parents, so Ashley has decided to be the perfect daughter. She goes to college, follows all the rules and even has tea with old grannies in the neighborhood while her parents are away. So of course running into the bad boy she blames for her brother's downward spiral while getting gas for said old grannie frustrates her beyond belief.

Ethan Moore is the bad boy. He's always been in some sort of trouble, and now, apparently he's a felon. Ethan has been involved in the moonshine business and Ashley believes Ethan pulled her brother into his web of evil. But wait a minute. What happened to Ethan? Broad chest, auburn hair you want to run your fingers through and green eyes (swoon). When on earth did this happen?

While at the gas station Ashley can't really hide her anger toward Ethan. She can't understand how the boy she's known all her life turned into such a hot mess (literally). Ethan was Mark's best friend. Ashley used to try to tag along with the boys when they were younger. She even had a sort of crush on Ethan back in the day. Now she feels disgusted (and a little frustrated) when she sees him.

And the gas station is where our story really begins. Someone's after Ethan. Someone who doesn't want Ethan out of the moonshine business. Someone angry enough to send hired guns to come after Ethan. And guess who gets to go along for the ride? That's right, Ashley, our good girl.

Ethan and Ashley escape from the bad guys in grannie's old truck, with only $1000 and grannie's gas card. Ashley's bag flies off of the truck and obviously Ethan can't use his cell phone or his credit cards since he doesn't want anyone to be able to track them down.

You can actually feel the sexual tension between Ethan and Ashley from the second they see each other. She has thoughts about this bad boy that no good girl should have, and Ethan, well let's just say he takes a lot of walks alone to "relieve" his tension. 

Not only is it their sexual tension, but their actual chemistry is just so stink adorable, your cheering for them to get together. They're so funny together. They honestly bicker like an old couple. They're stubborn and head strong and I just love them. Even though there are scary moments, they never lose their feistiness. Don't tell anyone, but I secretly love Ethan's bulldozing ways (shhhhh). 

I love the placement of elderly women on a few of the days on their journey. The little old lady that picks them up, literally almost made me pee myself.

Road Tripping has the right amount of laughs, suspense and definitely steamy sex. I found myself loving Ethan Moore from early on in the story, and Ashley is a total kick ass chick. 

So a road trip that should have taken about 20 hours took my new favorite couple about 13 days. I'm not giving away anything else about the trip because I really, really want you to read Road Tripping!! 

Ethan Moore, you are definitely a worthy book boyfriend. That being said, I have to give Road Tripping a five lip smack review. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to be over. 


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