"You're amazing. You make me happy, beautiful girl, happier than I've been in such a long time." I let his words sink in as I swallowed back the threatening tears. "Look at me, sweetheart. I love you, Natalie...I love you so much."  ~ Adam

Desired Affliction is the third book in C.A. Harms Cherry Blossom series. The series is centered around three best friends, well more like sisters.  The third book is Natalie and Adam's story. And it's a hell of a story.

That being said, even though Desired Affliction is the third in the series and can be read as a stand alone, I would read the whole series, just because I wanted to know more about these characters. Lexi, Megan and Natalie are such amazing friends. They love and support each other completely. They even tell each other when they're acting, well stubbornly.

So Natalie is this really feisty kind of says what's on her mind type of girl. She's also gone through a lot of pain in her life. She lost her mom at a young age and then went through an incident of being assaulted when she was in high school. She's strong and she wants to do things on her own.

Adam, the dark haired caveman with the body of a god has his own story. Devastated when he discovered his high school girlfriend cheating on him, (with his best friend no less) the day he came home from his tour as a marine, he has turned into a supreme man whore. At some point he even tried to hook up with Lexi (while she had a boyfriend). So clearly, he has no boundaries.

You would think Natalie, knowing how shady Adam is would have run the other way the second she saw him. But that's not what happens at the family reunion where these two run into each other again. Instead she winds up getting drunk and sleeping with said man whore. 

Nat doesn't think she'll ever see Adam again because he conveniently slipped out of bed "the morning after." Imagine her surprise when six weeks later she spots Adam moving into her apartment complex. The worst part? He doesn't even remember her name. Wait did I say the worst part? Nah....this is the worst part....Nat's pregnant and Adam's the dad.

I lied it turns out to not be a bad thing at all. Adam and Natalie seem to have needed each other to be complete. Natalie makes Adam want to be a better person and Natalie lets Adam take care of her. Little by little they get under each others skin. 

Knowing Adam's past, made moments like him telling Natalie he loved her, or him sharing the pain of his relationship completely endearing. I love how attached he gets to the baby he and Natalie are going to have, I love how he wants to make Natalie happy, hell I just love Adam. He is a damn sexy caveman!

There are bumps in the road to happiness. They both have jealous moments, they both have stubborn moments. Nat thinks Adam's only staying because of the baby. He spends a lot of time convincing her that's not true. 

One thing they're definitely both sure of, is the crazy hot chemistry between them. Natalie being pregnant and horny, makes for a lot of steamy sexiness happening between these two. Hell I just read through some of those parts again and let it be said,  Adam is panty dropping hot!

O.K. I admit it. I want a caveman. There, I said it. That being said....Natalie found a holy hell hot caveman in Adam. 

I'm giving Desired Affliction a four lip smack review. I love the series. I love the friendship of the girls and I adore how the men care about their women. I can't wait for Brock's story. Idk if there's anyone strong enough for him to get his ish together


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