Take is book 2 in the temptation series, Try is book 1.  It is a m/m genre and you must read Try before Take.  Now, I know a lot of you out there shy away from or are not interested in reading m/m, but I must tell you, this is the series to Try it out! (pun intended!). I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that this is one of the sexiest series you will ever read regardless of the lead characters being 2 men.
Tate Morrison is gorgeous with long curly dark hair and brown eyes.  He is a bartender at a local bar, where he and Logan met in book 1.  Logan Mitchell has black hair, blues eyes and he is sex on a stick.  Logan just oozes sensuality, and honestly, he is one of the sexiest characters I have ever read about!

This, what we’re about to do, isn’t just fucking. Not anymore” – Logan

Take begins where Try ended, early in their relationship, after being outed by Tate’s ex wife and his sister.  Logan hesitantly agrees to meet Tate’s religious parents, knowing full well it’s a disaster in the making.  Tate truly believes that his family loves him enough to accept whoever Tate chooses to be with.  Logan knows Tate is heading for big time disappointment.  On top of his family problems, Tate, never having been in a relationship with a man is trying to figure out how to go out in public as a couple and deal with the fact that everything he believed he was is totally different now. 

            “I want to feel your hands on me. I want them on me all the time”- Tate

Logan, meanwhile is battling his own demons.  Trying to deal with the fact that for the first time since he was hurt badly a very long time ago, that he is in fact in a relationship and falling for Tate. Trusting Tate is not easy for Logan, and Tate’s reluctance to go out formally as a couple only makes trusting Tate harder for him.

            “I wasn’t lying last night. You scare me. I don’t do this. I don’t stay in relationships, and I certainly don’t let my fucking heart rule my head” - Logan

Regardless of all the tough times they have faced, the sexual chemistry between Logan and Tate is off the charts fucking HOT!!  I mean fan yourself, wet your panties kind of hot.  And yes ladies, reading the sex scenes between 2 men can certainly get you all hot and bothered.  I am talking intimacy on a level I never even knew existed. Intense is a word that comes to mind!  Reading those scenes, I almost felt like I was a voyeur infringing on some very private moments between these 2 sexy men.  I mean damn, their dirty mouths and they way they used them….  I needed a cold shower or two.

            He’d dreamt about this moment. The moment he’d be making love with someone. As Tate stared up at him, Logan knew that this was that moment.

As Logan and Tate navigate their way through something so new for both of them, I found myself desperate for them to find happiness.  It seems they both have to fight so hard to be together, and at times I was so afraid they wouldn’t make it. I can tell you my heart broke just a little at least twice in this book.  Insecurities, sadness, anger and love are all very present as we continue our journey with Logan and Tate.  I was completely immersed in their love story and I really did not want it to end!  I seriously LOVE Logan Mitchell and Tate Morrison!
Ella Frank truly nails it with Take and this sequel lives up to the first installment and in some ways surpasses it! Take is a must read, especially if you’re looking for a real sexy, honest to goodness love story!  Gay, straight or bi Logan and Tate are 2 sexy swoon worthy book boyfriends! That’s right, how lucky for us to have not just 1 but 2 hot as hell book boyfriends in 1 book!  I whole-heartedly give this book a definite 5 lip smack rating!!! (That’s 5 stars on our blog’s rating scale!!!)


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