"Remember the day we met? In forensics class? That was the day that I became yours. I tried to deny it for so long but I just couldn't get you out of my head. You have completely captivated me. You're the girl-the one of a kind-who you only find once in a lifetime. You are it for me Raya, and have been for the past seven years. You have my heart. It will be yours, forever and always." ~ Duke Grayson 

I can't lie, the first thing I noticed about the book Little Things is the obvious reference to the song of the same name by One Direction. Before you laugh, listen to the song, it's very sweet. I thought of the lyrics as I read Madison Street's book Little Things, because little things were the reason Duke Grayson fell in love with Raya Winters.

I will also share with you I am completely in love with Duke Grayson. I always know it's an amazing book boyfriend, when even after the story ends I can't get the boy out of my head. Duke hasn't left my brain at all. 

Duke is definitely an "all American boy". A senior in high school, lacrosse captain, popular, dating the most gorgeous girl in school, he has it all. At least he thought he had it all and then Raya shows up. It's not an automatic love at first sight, Duke dumps his girl kind of thing. It's gradual. Duke finds himself drawn to Raya. 

Raya Winters is a beautiful girl who has no idea she's beautiful. Her home life is extremely troubled. Her mom remarried total creep, who keeps Raya and her mom on a very tight leash. There's very little happiness in Raya's life, until she meets Duke.

They're drawn to each other from the day Raya walks into Forensic class and sits at a table with Duke. Duke spends time with Raya trying to get her to open up to him. She's very guarded, but he tries. Sometimes he thinks he's breaking through the walls Raya puts up, but then she builds them up higher than before. Obviously Raya's got a secret.

It doesn't take long for these two to figure out they have feelings for each other. And even though they realized it separately, they never put it out there. The night they realize there's some strong feelings between them and they want to be together, a terrible event happens at Raya's house. It's something so awful that as much as Raya is aware of the growing feelings she has for Duke, she runs away. She believes she'll only be a burden to him and wants to give him a chance to be happy.

You guessed it, Raya's running doesn't make Duke happy. It destroys him. He can't believe she left and doesn't give up his search for her. Unfortunately, running away has brought unspeakable horrors to Raya. Yes, I shed a lot of tears throughout this dreadful time in Raya's life.

Duke who is broken without Raya, makes it his mission in life to find her. He is relentless in his quest to find the girl he loves. He becomes an investigator, uses everyone and anyone that can help him find her. 

I absolutely loved this book. I was utterly in love with Duke Grayson from the second I saw his reaction to  Raya. Even though he had a girlfriend, he never led either of the girls on. He knew Melanie was his girlfriend and he tried to keep Raya in the friend zone. When his feelings got to be too much he knew what he had to do.

This is an unforgettable story for more reasons than the love between Duke and Raya. It's a story about perseverance, struggle and survival.

So, at the end of the year when I'm writing my top book boyfriends of 2014, you can bet that Duke Grayson is definitely a contender!

I really, really loved this book. I cried sad tears, I cried happy tears and I swooned over Duke. It's definitely not the usual plot and that make me enjoy it even more.

Oh and there is a plot twist that you probably won't see coming. I have to give Little Things a five lip smack review. It's a book that will stick with me even after I've read many others.


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