"Haley Lawrence, I've known you practically my entire life. I've crushed on you, picked on you, and fallen in love with you. It doesn't matter how today goes, but when it comes to my future, you are what I see. I know it's soon, but I know what I want baby, would you please do me the honor and marry me?" he says as he pulls a box from his pocket. ~ Liam Masters

If that's not one of the most romantic things a book boyfriend has ever said, I don't know what is. It gave me chill bumps.

I think I ran through every emotion possible while I was reading One Chance by T. Renee Fike. I smiled, cried, got angry and oh got a little hot and bothered throughout this entire book. 

The Lawrences and the Masters have lived across the street from each other since they were born. Their parents are friends, the children are friends, they spend holidays together and are basically a huge part of each other lives.

Haley Lawrence has lived in the shadow of her twin Kenzie from the time they were babies. Even though they're identical twins Kenzie always made Haley feel like she was the better twin (is that even possible?). Better than Haley, prettier than Haley, more outgoing than Haley, you get the picture. Kenzie even steals the boy who should be Haley's first boyfriend, Brody Masters. Yes, that's right Liam has a younger brother (well two actually). Haley has been best friends with Brody her entire life. That is until Kenzie beats her to the punch and asks him out before Haley even gets a chance.

Anyway, to get out of Kenzie's self centered universe Haley decides to go to college in Michigan instead of West Virginia with Kenzie and Brody (yes four years later and they're still together). Guess who's a huge football star in Michigan? You got it, Liam Masters. Here's the weird thing. Haley makes everyone promise not to tell Liam she's going to Michigan. They seem to have a strained relationship and she doesn't want him to know she's there.

When Haley gets to Michigan, she completely reinvents her self. She dyes her hair brown and gets some green contact lenses. Haley decides she's not going to be in Kenzie's shadow anymore. At college she meets the girl who will become her best friend, Quinn. I absolutely adore Quinn. She's a fun girl and loves to have a good time, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends. You get to see her in action in this story and I must say I loved it. 

Of course, eventually, Liam and Haley meet up at school and the first time they do is like whoa! Around the time of this encounter, you get the feeling, Liam has some feelings for Haley for a while. Even though at home he was kind of mean to her and at school he has an on again, off again girlfriend, one of Haley's sorority sisters, Meg (cough, bitch, cough).

Let's just say Liam and Haley's relationship is a definite roller coaster of emotions. The only thing that goes straight up the whole time (roller coaster pun intended) is...they sizzle in the bedroom. Now blonde hair and blue eyes are generally not my thing, but hell Liam Masters works them and his body sounds amaze balls. So even though I started this book being #TeamBrody, I switched my thoughts about that pretty quick. 

Liam and Haley go through so many heart wrenching issues throughout One Chance, you're waiting for their happily ever after. I know I was cheering for them.

I honestly didn't believe I was going to love Liam as much as I did. Your first impression of him will definitely change. The characters of Liam and Haley are such good people, your heart breaks every time they hit another obstacle. 

I could absolutely not put this book down. I wanted to know Liam and Haley's story. Every preconceived notion I had of this story and characters changed from beginning to end. Now here's the only bad part....cliff hanger!! But don't worry because part two has an August 4th release date. Please, please, please let that be the day because I need to continue reading about Liam and Haley's journey. 

I'm giving One Chance a five lip smack review. It caught my attention from the start and kept it until 3 a.m. when I read the very last word. 


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