Unequealed is the third book in the No Rival series and this book is about the youngest brother, Rhys Collier.  I highly recommend reading the first 2 books in this series. Unsurpassed, book 1 and Undaunted, book 2 as there is a definite background story to this series and knowing it will help you better understand the story of Unequealed.

When we last saw Rhys, he was nursing a broken heart. Mandy, the love of Rhys’ life has fallen in love with Knox, Rhys’ oldest brother. Knox has been in love with Mandy forever. He finally gets tired of seeing all of the crap Rhys puts Mandy through and decides to make her his. Actually,  I’m not sure that was Knox’ plan, but he got the girl and damn he could’ve got me too. Knox is a fine specimen of man.

Anyway, Rhys has returned to his hometown of Las Vegas for the wedding of Mandy and Knox.  His self imposed exile, after being so hurt by the events of his life, have helped him become the new Middleweight MMA champion, but still a lonely depressed man.  Seeing how much his brother and Mandy love each other, Rhys can accept them, but he is destroyed on the inside.

Enter Kerry, (well not really enter, because we’ve met Kerry in Undaunted). She is the sister of another MMA fighter who happens to be in a relationship with another man. Kerry makes her dislike for Rhys apparent from their first meeting.  The two of them do nothing but exchange jibes whenever they see each other. Being paired up as partners for Knox and Mandy's wedding doesn't really help matters. Seeing Rhys' pain over the whole Mandy situation, Kerry challenges him to a bet. She wins their bet and the prize is for Rhys to spend night of submission with someone of Kerry's choice.  Little does Rhys know, Kerry is involved with his other brother Dane and it’s all a set up to try and make Rhys happy again.

I can’t lie, knowing Rhys’ past, I’m not sure how this would make our boy Rhys happy, but well you can be the judge of that.

Enter Asher D’Ettore, a beautiful Italian attorney.  Asher, with his sexy accent and ridiculously expensive clothes is a passionate alpha male.  When he wants something, he goes all in for it.

            The freaking accent was driving him insane.  He never dreamed the sound of someone’s voice could be such a turn on - Rhys

 One night of passion with Asher leads to a chance for Rhys to finally find his happiness… But, outside forces and pointless sacrifice threaten to tear them apart….

Rhys is a beautiful man inside and out who has never felt what it’s like to be truly loved.  He feels he is not worthy.  He is such a giving man, that it was so heartbreaking to read about his lack of self worth.

“His pain is so much deeper than most because he gives away every ounce of happiness and keeps none for himself”- Kerry  

 And that’s exactly what Rhys does over and over again.  How can you not fall in love with a book boyfriend like that?

I’m giving Unequaled a 3 and ½ lip smack review. I wish there was a little more detail in the story. Believe me I love a story with lots of steamy sex, but I kind of wanted more of their story.


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