He kissed her softly and leaned back. "I don't want to rush things. It's only been two weeks even though I feel like it's been forever," he hesitated. "I mean that in a good way." ~ Nick Garrity

I will be the first to admit, I love, love, love firefighters. There's something about them. Not only do they put their lives on the line for us everyday, but they look damn yummy while they're doing it.

Katy Malone knows something about firemen too. Her dad was a New York City firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. That's not the only loss that Katy knows. Her mom died two days after she was born. Loss is something Katy Malone is clearly familiar with. 

Nick Garrity is a New York City firefighter. He's on a desperate quest to find "the one". He wants the wife, the kids, the house in the suburbs... His friend Jesse want him to go out and have fun. Nick wants to hear none of that. He's ready to find the one. 

Katy's been engaged before. Broke it off a month before the big day. She should be married to Jeremiah, a doctor she's known and loved for over ten years. When she broke off their engagement, Jeremiah was crushed. He still keeps hoping Katy will come to her senses and they'll get back together. Katy doesn't have any plans of giving her heart away ever again. It causes too much hurt.

But fate is a funny thing and it brings the gorgeous doctor (nicknamed Knockout, not only for the initials of her first and middle name) and the unbelievably handsome firefighter with the body of a god together. Nick is immediately smitten with Katy. Actually, more than smitten. He knows Katy is the one. Katy feels something for Nick she didn't think she'd ever feel again. Their chemistry is automatic and their feelings for each other take off from the second Katy agrees to have breakfast with Nick.

Their relationship moves at lightening speed. Before you know it, Nick is telling his best friend Jesse that Katy's the girl he's going to marry. Of course Jesse tells him to slow down, but he's only looking out for his best friend who's been burned before.

"Because I can't stop thinking about her. All day yesterday while I was with her, I didn't want her to leave and I can't stop thinking about when we can be together again." ~ Nick

Without even realizing what's happening Katy's falling in love with Nick as well. She's in love and afraid. She never expected to give her heart to anyone, much less a firefighter who's safety she'd have to fear for everyday.

On Thanksgiving, Nick brings Katy to meet his family, and believe it or not they become an engaged couple. On Christmas, Nick's mom and sister in law help Katy plan a "surprise wedding" for Nick. And you guessed it, not long after Christmas, Katy gets pregnant.

During this whirlwind, Jeremiah finds out about Katy and Nick. He totally freaks out. Remember, Jeremiah thought Katy would always come back to him. He was sure they belonged together. Things get ugly about this time for Jeremiah and Nick. Katy tries to make both men understand her feelings. The men don't really get it and there are some stressful moments between the two men.

As fast as Katy and Nick's relationship moved, it's not perfect or always easy. They both make mistakes and there are some moments where I think Katy not only worries about how fast everything went, worries if this isn't the right decision for her. 

Because he knows Katy's fear, Nick is forever promising Katy nothing will happen to him at work. He tries to convince her he's the best at his job and knows exactly what he's doing. Then on two occasions he takes risks that he knows he shouldn't take. He realizes there are things he shouldn't do during his job. Nick realizes has to stay safe for Katy and his unborn baby.

I loved Katy and Nick. I am always a sucker for a love at first sight story and that's exactly what theirs was. I thought it was sweet the way Nick held off having sex until the right moment. After that right moment the two of them couldn't get enough of each other. Hell, I know I couldn't ever get enough of Nick Garrity. He is damn sexy.

I'm giving Love is a Fire a four lip smack review. I got very attached to these characters and I deff needed a tissue or two to get through their story.


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