"Open your eyes." His lips brush against my forehead and move down to my nose. "Something happened before you made that phone call. Something we never got to talk about. I told you I loved you." ~ Derek Miller

Kara Jones lives the life many nineteen year olds live, her home and her parents are her safe place. She's a daddy's girl, and even though her mom is kind of annoyingly overprotective, she clearly knows both parents love her. 

All that changes on a snowy winter night while Kara is driving home from her first semester at Ohio University. Her car skids off the icy road and crashes into a tree. Kara is rescued and taken to the hospital emergency room. And that's where the story really begins. Kara's life falls apart after these words come from her nurses mouth. "Kara's adopted?" Those two words send Kara's life spiraling out of control.

Both mom and dad try to explain it away as an mistake, of course she wasn't adopted. But guess what? Blood types don't lie and Kara's parent's blood types don't match hers. 

When Kara is released from the hospital, dad has moved out and mom is being super secretive. It does not make for a happy Christmas holiday. It's anything but happy and nobody's talking about what happened at the hospital. 

Kara knows something's up. Dads moved out. He won't even look at Kara's mom, and Kara starts asking questions. She comes to find out the man she thought was her father for the first nineteen years of her life isn't her actual dad. Her very proper and uptight mother had an affair and got pregnant while she and the man Kara knows as her dad were "on a break".  Don't you just love that? Apparently even parents do that too.

Kara begins questioning her mother about her "real dad", only to hit a wall every time she asks. Her mother keeps telling her there are some things that should be kept secret. Obviously this puts a huge strain on their relationship. Even worse, her dad has suddenly fallen off the face of the earth. He's not answering his phone or Kara's texts. At this point Kara decides she's going to find who her real father is whether anyone helps her or not. 

About this time Kara meets Derek Miller. For some strange reason, Kara feels incredibly at ease around Derek. As it turns out, Derek and Kara went to high school together and he's always "had it bad" for Kara as he adorably puts it. Puberty was very good to Derek. He's grown into a super hottie. 

Derek and Kara have instant chemistry and for someone who was on the nerdish side in high school, the boy has some serious moves. Their relationship is filled with sexual tension. Yes Derek Miller is a hot book boyfriend. 

Using pictures Kara found from her mother, the internet, Kara's determination and Derek's MIT worthy brain, the two embark on a journey to uncover the identity of Kara's real dad. 

Derek has his own story and secrets. He's been deeply wounded by tragedy. So as much as he's helping Kara, Kara is also helping him. They're a kind of balm for each other and even though they've only just met, their connection is intense. 

As Kara and Derek continue their quest to find her real father, their relationship grows stronger. I know you want to know if they find Kara's biological father. I say biological because somewhere along the way Kara realizes the man who raised her is her actual dad. So, yes, she finds her biological dad, and no I didn't ruin it because the shock of who her father is, is the wtf moment??

This is a really good suspenseful story, and I love Derek and Kara together. They're just such a solid couple for two people who are really young. When Derek tells her he can see them together forever I swooned. Their chemistry is not only sexy, but they are also playful. It brings some levity to a suspenseful story. 

I'm giving Collison  a four lip smack review. A good storyline with a love story built in. I have a feeling a part two is coming and I can't wait!!!


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