"I used to admire you from afar," I tell her. "You would tag along with whatever it was Brody and I were getting into and I used to watch you, closely. The day before we left for the Marines, I hugged you and pretended you were mine that day. I pretended you were going to be waiting for me when we got home. When I got your letters, I continued to pretend - you kept me going. When Dad had his stroke and I came home for good, I fought the pull to seek you out. I battled with myself to stay away from you. You were his little sister and off limits to me. Each night I would wish you were lying beside me, and each morning wish youwere the first thing I saw, Years, Ava Mae. For years I've longed to be with you."

If this quote from Nathan Garrison didn't melt you into a pile of goo, I don't know what will. Pretty much every sentence uttered by Nate in Kaylee Ryan's Just Say When had me melting for him.  Physically he is godlike. Ava Mae's best friend Kara refers to him as a "sexy beast". But Nate didn't even have to be hot to be perfect. The way he treats Ava at every step in this story is on point. He found this girl that he wanted and just because she was his best friend's younger sister, he tried to stay away.

Now don't think Nate was the only one who had these feelings. Oh no, Ava Mae has had a crush on her big brother Brody's best friend since she was a child. He makes her heart pound and her stomach flip. But, she knows her brother would not approve. Ava Mae hasn't ever really dated seriously and the last guy she went out with was way too hands on for her liking. Clearly in her mind Nate is her ideal guy and no one will ever match up to him.

After serving in the Marines with Ava's brother, Nate came home to run his dad's business after his father had a stroke. So how is it possible that these two haven't run into each other in about two years? Nate runs Hardcorps Gym and Ava goes to college in the same town,  you think they'd run into each other, right? Nate, is so worried losing Brody's (who's on a tour in the Marines) friendship, he makes sure he doesn't run into Ava. And of course Ava never running into Nate figures he just forgot about her.

But of course that isn't so and when the two run find their way back to each other through mutual friends, you know staying apart is not going to be an easy task. Especially when one of the guys Nate trains at his gym shows signs of being interested in Ava.

I have to say, Nate was so in love with Ava that I was a little bit jealous. When the group goes out to a club and Ava's "date" doesn't pay enough attention to her, Nate under the premise of keeping Ava safe because of her big brother goes a little alpha on Zach and it's very sexy and adorable at the same time. When Nate rescues Ava from a groping dance partner at the club, he makes sure the groper knows Ava is his. Which she really isn't, but Nate decides after having Ava in his arms, he wants to pretend for a little while.

Pretty much everyone except Nate and Ava can tell the way they feel about each other. The sexual tension between the two of them is off the chain. So with Kara telling Ava and Zach telling Nate to go for it, even though they're afraid of how Brody will react, they decide to give a relationship a chance. They don't want to give up something that might be really great. At a backyard barbecue when Nate finally kisses Ava, I got chill bumps. 

Their relationship progresses quickly. Since they've known each other for ages and they both have such strong feelings for each other. Hell, both sets of parents could tell the way they felt about each other. Now if they could get Brody on board they'd be set. 

In addition to all his other perfection, Nate is VERY attentive to Ava's needs. He's also very alpha about the fact that he will be her first. The thing is, Ava's ready to go there and Nate feels like he needs to let Brody know about them first before they take that step. I will say one thing. Exercise ball at Hardcorps gym. Good Lord that boy knows what to do to make a girl scream out his name. 

Just when you think Ava and Nate will get their happily ever after, big brother comes home. Brody not only has a surprise of his own, but absolutely WILL NOT give his blessing to Nate and Ava. Then there's Clint, the creep Ava went on one date with who doesn't understand the word no.

If you're looking for a perfect boyfriend book, you need to one click Just Say When. Not only is Nate perfect, but I promise, you'll really like the story. So go and do that now while I give Just Say When a super four lip smack review.


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