I turn my face into his neck and inhale his delicious scent - mint, sweat and the most deliciously intoxicating deodorant I've ever smelled. My head rests on his shoulder and if I pucker my lip, they'd meet the skin of his neck. I could taste him if I wanted to. Damn, I want to. But, it's wrong. So wrong. My mother would pitch a fit if she found out about this.

I honestly believe I have NEVER come across a book boyfriend sexier than Brock Mason. He is physical perfection. With his black, bed head hair and aquamarine color eyes, he got me hot and bothered through his description alone. Brock's personality matches the rest of him. Complete sex on a stick. When Cassidy describes his deep, husky voice, I swear I whimpered. I have Brock Mason brain this week and I'm enjoying reliving every single minute of it. There's truth in what Cassidy says, he is absolutely intoxicating.

Yes, I have read Kasey Millstead's Family Secrets more than once. I really loved this story and I am totally in love with Brock Mason. He is beyond swoon worthy and if I could jump into this book and into Brock's bed, I would.

Every family has secrets, right? Some families have bigger secrets than others. Some families try to hide those secrets. And sometimes even if we're very careful, the secrets come out.

Cassidy Delaney is a contestant on a dating game. It will be the first time she's been on a date in five long years. She's a single mom who has worked hard on her own to be successful. Needless to say, she wasn't the one who signed on for this dating game. Her friend Renee signed her up and the events leading up to the filming of her date were just one disaster after another.

Finally seated and asking the bachelors her questions, they all seem nice enough. Bachelors number one and number three seem to hold the most promise. Bachelor number three has all the right answers and a very sexy voice that almost sounds familiar to Cassidy, who is now called Cassi.

When the time comes to choose a winner for her date, bachelor number three wins hands down. Well, that is until he comes out from behind the screen and Cassi looks at him in horror and runs off the set. Brock runs after Cassi and it becomes clear that the two know each other. It's also clear they left off on not the best of terms.

The two met as teenagers after their parents were married. So yes, they are step siblings. Step siblings with boiling hot chemistry between them. The kind of chemistry where you feel the person in the room before you see them. The type of chemistry where you get goose bumps at the slightest contact with them. That's what Brock and Cassidy had. When Cassidy finally gives in to her desires, she and Brock are off the chain hot. Cassidy is addicted. He's her first and he made her first time perfection. 

Unfortunately, when the biggest secret comes out, Cassidy is forced to leave her home at the hand of her pretentious and despicable mother. Her mother was a horror and had no business treating her daughter the way she did. Don't worry, she gets hers.

Anyway, after the awkwardness of meeting up on the dating show, Cassi finally agrees to a sit down with Brock. She knows it's only a matter of time before he finds out about the secret she's been keeping for five years and why she ran away from home. Now that she's back in his life, Brock is not letting Cassi go again. He straight out says, this time, I'm going to keep her. 

The story moves seamlessly from the past to the future. You learn about Cassidy and Brock's passion as teenagers and the feelings they still feel for each other as adults. This time Brock insists on taking it slow and he romances Cassidy in the most wonderful way. 

Now, I'm not giving away the secrets because, I really want you to read Family Secrets. One click the book to meet the uber sexy, supremely swoon worthy Brock Mason. You'll also fall in love with Cassidy who is a fantastically strong female character. She fought through adversity on her own and has done a terrific job. 

Kasey Millstead definitely created characters who invoke strong feelings. From the characters we love, to the ones we loathe, Family Secrets has both.

I'm giving Family Secrets a five lip smack review. I love the story and I love, love, love, Brock Mason.


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