"You will forever be mine Lauren Reynolds. No one or nothing will ever come between the love we share."

First things first, I absolutely adore Kelly Elliot. I met her at an author signing in New York City last summer and she is just as sweet as you think she may be. She listened to me fangirl over her and over Gunner Mathews and then was kind enough to hook me up with a t-shirt. So yes, I love her.

Next, I so want my life to be a Kelly Elliot novel. Holding You is the third book in the Love Wanted in Texas series. In case you're wondering the children of the Wanted series are all grown up and we're getting to hear their stories.

Of course I just have to say...oh my glitter! Ellie and Gunner definitely raised their boy right. Colt Mathews is every bit as swoon worthy as his ultra romantic daddy. Literally every word out of his mouth is poetry. The way he loves Lauren Reynolds is the stuff dreams are made of.

If you haven't read the first two books in this series, DO IT! I was on a Kelly Elliot binge this weekend and it was fabulous. Plus, it also helps to read the books to get the background story straight in your brain. 

"I'm yours forever, Lauren. No matter what, I'll never leave your side."

Both Colt and Lauren are students at Texas A&M. Lauren's goal in life is to run her father's horse breeding business. The thing is Lauren feels like her dad doesn't think she can run the business. It seems like he may bring on Colt to work for him and Lauren takes that as a sign of Colt moving in on her territory. Obviously, this is a problem for Lauren and it causes her to push Colt away. 

You already have the sense that Colt has strong feelings for Lauren. But for the past two books, all they've done is fight or avoid each other. Guess what? Not too long ago Lauren on a tipsy night was asking Colt to make love to her. I know right? Anyway, you get it. They want each other in a big way.

One of my favorite things about Kelly Elliot is the forever love theme in her series. And it's not just love that starts in high school or college. It's love that has been there since childhood. Even when they didn't really know it, they felt it. When Lauren remembers Colt gave her a teddy bear that she loved as a child and still loves, you're just like awwwwwww.

The night of Libby and Luke's wedding, Lauren and Colt stop pushing each other away and share an unbelievably romantic kiss while their dancing. After that kiss, it's game on and they know they have to be together. 

The two of them make up a story about having to go back to A&M for some sort of project (wink, wink).  Colt takes Lauren to a hotel and makes their first time an experience she'll never forget. Once again, daddy done taught Colt well because he swoons his girl like nobody's business. Together their passion is off the charts (their stamina is amazing too). Whether he's loving Lauren tenderly or going a little wild cowboy on her Colt is just perfection.

Taking a step closer, I kissed her neck as she let out a whimper. Between each kiss, I spoke. "Oh, Lauren." Kissing along her neck, I moved down. "My dreams could never have prepared me for your perfection."

Lauren Reynolds loves her cowboy, whispering sweetly in her ear or telling her all the naughty things he'd like to do to her. Their story is filled with many sweet and some oh so naughty encounters. Oh my glitter! This book!

How could you not adore Colt Mathews? He's a mini me of his dad. And I do love me some Gunner Mathews. I love watching the parents and children together in this new series. One of my favorite things is that all of the Wanted offspring see how completely in love their parents are after twenty years.

Of course everything isn't perfect in Mason. There are some bumps along the way. But the way they get through them is pure Kelly Elliot, a lot of love and a good dose of humor.

I have to absolutely give five lip smacks to Holding You. The story is a beautiful tale of a true and forever love. One day I'll find my Gunner Mathews....swoon.


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