"You should stay away from me Mackenzie." he said, his chest heaving. "I'll ruin you Mackenzie. I'll destroy you. If you let me in, know that I will dismantle everything. Your world, your existence, your life. Everything," he said, his strong voice wavering slightly. "I should have walked away from you, when I met you, but I couldn't." He poised his lips on mine. "I needed to taste you, to feel crush you," he snarled, violently grabbing my neck, thrusting his tongue into my mouth.

Chasing the Dragon. Trying to recreate the feeling of that first high every time.

Chasing the dragon to find Tyler Burn is something I would gladly do over and over again. He is absolutely delicious and I can see why even though he warned Mackenzie to stay away, she couldn't help but fall in love with him. Passionate is only one of the words to describe Tyler Burnham. He is utter perfection. Ok...flawed...but perfect nonetheless.

Physically he is beyond beautiful. Dark messy hair, lighter on the ends from being out in the sun, deep green eyes that you can stare into for days and a body that is fit and muscled in all the right places. He looks better than any man should be allowed to look.

Chasing the Dragon begins when young Serafina Galloway is ten years old. She and her mother are on the run. Serafina's father, a highly ranked army officer is in trouble. He's in enough trouble that Serafina and her mother have to leave their home, change their identities and forget everything they've ever known.

Fast forward sixteen years. Serafina is now Mackenzie Delano. She is a super over achiever, type A personality. She runs her life in a very regimented manner. Makenzie has no time for men and hasn't really had any special in her life since her college boyfriend Charlie, an army analyst broke her heart.

Mackenzie has two amazing friends in her life. Brayden and Jenna are the two people closest to Mackenzie, they met in college and have been close ever since. They've knew her before she turned into the schedule making woman she is today. She and Jenna are opening up a restaurant in South Padre Island where they all live.

But the opening of her restaurant isn't the only risky business Mackenzie has going on in her life. Recently, she's been getting some very scary phone calls. Phone calls where she receives a frightening message and then hears the clicks of a gun. Add to that an amazingly hot stranger trying to get to know her and you have a book with everything.

Chasing the Dragon is sexy, romantic and suspenseful. Tyler Burnham may even have his brother beat in the book boyfriend department. I especially loved when you think you know exactly what's happening, T.K. Leigh throws you a curve ball and holy plot twist, you're going in a totally different direction.

You'll find out quickly, Tyler isn't exactly being honest with Mackenzie. Sure she's gorgeous and incredibly desirable, but Tyler's motives for seducing Mackenzie are less than honorable. When he thinks to himself about how he's going to break her heart, you clearly know everything is not what it seems.

At first the ever aloof Mackenzie tries to ignore Tyler, but of course he gets under her skin and she lets him in. He totally pours that Burnham charm on. Telling her how good they would be together, trying to convince her he's all in and she needs to be too. Mackenzie can't deny their intense physical attraction and the sexual tension between them. Tyler finally gets her to promise him one night. One night and then either they go their separate ways, or they're all in.

Well what do you think happens? The build up until their one night is ridiculously hot and steamy. What happens between them has Mackenzie begging Tyler not to wait until Friday night (the agreed upon night for their encounter). I mean literally begging. If making out is that good with Tyler, you know the sex is like BOOM!!! 

Don't forget, in addition to their love story, Mackenzie is in danger. The threatening phone calls are only part of the problem. Someone keeps breaking into her condo and even Tyler a security expert can't figure out who keeps getting in.

Did I forget to mention, the ex-boyfriend Charlie comes back into the picture? Good Lord his story just gets you deeper into the deception that has been Mackenzie's whole life.

That being said Chasing the Dragon is an amazing read. Tyler Burnham is uber yummy and there's enough mystery and suspense to keep you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning. Oh, one more thing.  Chasing the Dragon ends in a cliff hanger and it's gigantic. I am super stoked for part two of this series. T.K. Leigh did not disappoint with this book. A five lip smack review for Chasing the Dragon and for that sexy specimen of a man Tyler Burnham. 


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