He laughed then, shaking his head at me like I didn't understand. "Because I never touched you to hurt myself. You were my reward. You've always been the best part of my life Darby. You're the exception to every rule. If it weren't for you I'd still be in a corner somewhere cutting myself. Whenever we were together, I did it because I love you. But when the pregnancy scares happened...those were both very low points for me. I really believed that I was going to infect you with evil. I thought god was punishing me to show me how much he hated me."

Today I'm trying something a little different with this review. My review is supposed to be for Catch and Release by Ella Fox. But I'm sorry, you can't read Catch and Release without reading Catch My Fall first. No really, I'm telling you, it's completely important that you read them both. If you don't, you will not have the whole picture of Trace and Tristan Chamberlain and I just can't have that.

Trace and Tristan Chamberlain are quite possibly the sexiest book boyfriend twins I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. The are beyond beautiful with dark hair and green eyes. Yes, you know it! Green eyes get me every time!! And holy hell! Their bodies are as sexy as sin. They work at a gym teaching self defense classes. No only hot and fit but they do know how to make a girl feel very good.  Of course in supreme manwhore or malore (as Darby puts it) fashion, both boys make many, many girls feel good. That is of course until they meet the right girls and then they are even more perfect.

Tristan and Trace have been dealt a very rough hand in life. Raised by a grandmother who is a rigid cow, our poor boys never knew what it was like to be loved. Thankfully, when they were five years old the McKenzie family moved onto their block. Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie treated the boys as if they were their own. The twins made a best friend in Austin and Trace found the love of his life in Darby.

Trace and Tristan are two boys who are very damaged from an early age. The story of how they came to be raised by their grandmother is heartbreaking. As little boys, they act a lot like tiny grown ups. From the way they dress, to their impeccable manners, to the way they clean their house for their awful grandmother they are like little men.

Catch and Release is Trace and Darby's story and yes the two of them have literally been the loves of each others lives since they were children. Only as much as Trace adores Darby, every time they got close, Trace would back away. He doesn't believe he's good enough for her. He thinks she deserves better. What he doesn't realize is all Darby wants is Trace. She sees the good in him when he only sees that he's not good enough.

Darby is determined to have Trace and seduces him one night. Obviously, Trace has already lost his virginity, but Darby loses hers to Trace. For the first time ever during sex Trace feels something. With other girls he uses sex to punish himself, to feel nothing. With Darby it's amazing and he knows it's because he's in love with her.

Because he has such a horrible opinion of himself, Trace can't commit to Darby. He still manwhores it up and every time he does, it breaks Darby more and more. There even comes a time Darby breaks all contact with Trace. It kills both of them. They really can't live without each other.

Can Trace learn that he deserves love and be the man Darby knows he can be? Can Darby forgive all of Trace's indiscretions? One thing is for sure. These two love each other with every fiber of their being.

So if Catch and Release is Trace's story, or course Catch My Fall is Tristan's story. Even though Trace and Tristan had the same horrible upbringing Tristan's views on love are a little different. Don't get me wrong, he still manwhores it up in Catch My Fall, but he also meets Mia Reeves. From the day he sees her in class, he tells himself that she's his girl. Well his girl is not having any part of flirty ways. Thank goodness Tristan doesn't give up easily because Mia is a tough nut to crack.

It happens that Mia is just as damaged as the boys are. It takes a while into the story to learn what happened to her and when you do, it's devastating and heartbreaking.

As much as Mia wants to avoid Tristan she really can't. Mia is Darby's roommate at college and obviously Darby is very close to the boys. As frightened as she is of getting close to any boy, Mia can't help but be attracted to Tristan. He's beautiful and he's super persistent in his quest to win Mia as a girlfriend.

Girlfriend is a concept that is foreign to both brothers. But Tristan is ready to take that jump with Mia. Through Tristan's patience and persistence he and Mia begin a friendship that turns into something more.

When their relationship takes a turn for the physical it's just so damn sexy. For as experienced as Tristan is, he never forces anything on Mia. He adores her and cherishes her. He makes Mia's first time amazing.

Unfortunately, even though you get the feeling Tristan is more able to put his past behind him than his brother, when Mia confesses the trauma of the assault she experienced to Tristan he runs and tells her to forget about him (you'll find out why and it'll break your heart).

The Chamberlain twins are sexy alpha males who are fiercely protective of the women they love and that is just uber hot. You'll see just how protective they can be when Mia's louse of a father and stepbrother show up at their house.

I love both of these books and I adore the Chamberlain twins. I honestly don't think I could choose one over the other because they are both male perfection at it's best. There's enough angst and twists and turns in these two books to keep everything interesting, but not too distressing.

The females in these books are super strong as well. As college roommates they become fast friends. Darby has loved Trace unconditionally her whole life. She's willing to give him everything until it becomes too much for her. Essentially, she is Trace's rock. He depends on her for everything. Mia has been supremely damaged by a horrible assault, but she doesn't give up. She may be cautious and skittish, but she doesn't let what happened to her define her.

A four lip smack review for Catch and Release and Catch My Fall. Read them both!! You'll fall in love with the Chamberlain twins I promise.


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