"Please forgive me. I'll be honest now, one hundred percent honest, that I did this for you. I wore these pants that are chafing my thighs and this god-awful harness and I stood up on that stage for you, my Evelyn, Without me knowing, you'd worked your way inside and ransacked my heart. I miss you, and I want you back."

He talked like a texbook and looked like an underwear model, is the way Marley Lake describes Austin Rivers. Clearly that combination worked wonders for Marley's libido. Working her way up the ladder in the mostly male oriented world of gaming, she doesn't have time to date.

Austin Rivers is technically Marley's boss being a secret partner of Gamers Magazine where she is an editor. Luckily, there aren't any written rules about fraternizing between co-workers. Only when Marley and Austin meet at the office, she doesn't know he's her boss. She thinks he's the really hot new IT guy.

When the new IT guy comes in to help Marley with her computer, it happens to be the same guy Marley's been calling Gorgeous, Dark and Brooding. Interestingly enough Austin the IT guy (really Austin Rivers, secret owner) finds Marley incredibly attractive. Their whole first encounter is fraught with sexual tension. When the IT guy (Austin) comes to fix Marley's frozen computer, the two are clearly attracted to each other, but both socially awkward in their own way. Remember, Marley is definitely in a man's business and she's always watching herself to make sure no one ever has any ammunition against her. And Austin, well,  he's hiding some things that have shaped the person he has become.

Anyway, during this sexually charged encounter, our IT genius fixes Marley's computer and up pops a naughty little GIF from her Tumblr account. It seems Marley has some desires about being submissive. So even though she's a take charge woman at work, seeing the GIF makes Austin wonder if he could fill some of those desires.

It seems Austin generally pays for a woman's company. He not only has socially awkward tendencies, but it seems our Austin has to be in control of every part of his life. After watching Marley's GIF, he wonders if he can get her to fit in the nice little box he has created for himself. Just remember, Austin Rivers is the boss of a multimillion dollar business and he's posing as an IT guy. 

Does Marley fit into Austin's world? Um..hell yea! You have to read this book because Austin might be socially awkward, but damn when it comes to carnal knowledge, the man is on point. I just reread the scene when Marley and Austin meet in the movie theatre because holy hotness Batman, it's one of the steamiest, sexiest scenes I've ever come across. 

So you get it. Marley and Austin get into a relationship and they're totally falling for each other. Marley's going for a big promotion at work and as much as she's into Austin, she's worried about the implications of an office romance. Imagine Marley's surprise when she walks into her interview and Austin her IT guy is there visiting his business partner. Did I mention Austin's not really an IT guy? 

So what happens in Changing His Game? Does Marley dump Austin? Does Marley get her promotion? And what kind of god-awful harness is Austin wearing? If you're looking for a book that's a little different from the norm, if you're a tech or video game person, definitely one-click Changing His Game, I promise it won't disappoint. 

I personally am in love with Austin Rivers. First of all, who wouldn't be in love with an underwear model. Second, he has my favorite physical quality ever, dark messy hair and sea green eyes. He's sort of the hot dork type and I think he's just ridiculously hot. Did I mention he's also a naughty talker and likes to be in control? Austin will definitely get you hot and bothered.

A four lip smack review for Changing His Game. Austin may control the game, but Marley's rewriting all the rules.


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