This is usually the part of my review where I add a quote from the book boyfriend to the girl he's in love with. Sometimes it's beautifully romantic, sometimes it's asking for forgiveness and sometimes it's just plain heart breaking. Could I have found a quote from Going Forward to start my review? Absolutely...but this isn't your typical book boyfriend story, so I wanted it to be a little different.

Senior year should be the highlight of any seventeen year olds life, but for Emily Scott it's anything but. Both of her parents were killed in a car accident that she survived. She's got a brother Jason, but he just hangs around just long enough to get guardianship so she doesn't go to a foster home. Then being only twenty one himself he leaves to go on tour with his semi famous band. Only checking in at random intervals to see how Emily is doing.

Trying to numb the pain of her parent's deaths and her brother leaving her, Emily turns to sex, drugs and alcohol. Strangely enough, the people of the town she lives in turn a blind eye to the "orphan girl". Not out of cruelty, but because it's almost like a don't ask, don't tell situation. Emily would probably have continued her downward spiral except one night, she takes a random pregnancy test she finds at someone's house. She sees those three pink lines and that's when the story really begins.

Obviously, the baby's daddy is not interested in having anything to do with a child. Finally taking a phone call from her brother Jason, she blurts out that she's pregnant and after almost a year, Jason comes home. 

Jason and Emily spend a lot of time feeling guilty for the things that they have done and the things they haven't done. The two of them have never come to terms with their parents deaths. They've never spoken about it, have never properly grieved so their reunion is bittersweet at best.

Jason tries desperately to make up for all the time he's spent away from Emily. Plans doctor's appointments, reads her pregnancy books, and becomes kind of a hovering helicopter brother. At first their relationship is strained. But, it's clear that they love each other and Jason decides to prove to Emily he's never going to leave her again.

Then there's Declan Malloy. The opening quote should have belonged to him. Emily has been in love with Declan for ten years. He's Jason's best friend and has tried to keep Emily in the friend zone. Declan is somewhat of a mystery and Lord knows my fingers are crossed that we're eventually going to get into Declan's head. (Right K.M.?? Right??) In his head, Emily is Declan's girl. On the outside Declan sends mixed signals to Emily and he basically tears her apart. She tries to push him away and he keeps coming back. Declan calls Emily "mo chroi" all through the story. (Google it. I did) 

Jason, Declan and the other boys in the band are amazing to Emily during her pregnancy. They take care of everything she needs, make plans for the future and make up for the pain they've caused each other. Jason and Emily rebuild their relationship and help each other heal. 

I can't lie Moving Forward brought me to tears. But they were good tears. The relationship between Jason and Emily is strong even though it seems shaky at times. The attraction between Declan and Emily is evident and you know if they get together, they will be explosive in the bedroom. Their make out chemistry alone is steamy.

Personally, my book boyfriend in Going Forward is Jason. Black, mussed up hair, bright green eyes, tall with a panty dropping smile...yes please. And guess what?? He's getting his own story!! I can't wait!!!

I'm giving Going Forward a five lip smack review. It really is a beautiful story about being able to move forward after going through some really horrible life events.


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