"I don't know why you do these things to hurt me. Kissing Kurt, not telling me about these books. I love you Hailey. I'll always love you. I just don't know if I can handle being with you." His voice is raspy and raw as I stagger backward, clutching my stomach.  ~ Bruce "Jilly" Gillette

I have always had a thing for baseball players. So of course I always pick up a baseball book when I can. Bruce Gillette happens to be one of the most swoon worthy baseball boyfriends I have ever come across.

He's a star pitcher for the New York Kings. Even though Jilly has the entire package, he has never quite connected with the fans. To try and fix that problem, The Queen of Diamonds blog sets up a win a dream date with Jilly event. 

Even though Jilly is this huge, hulking six foot six muscled man, he is painfully socially awkward. He also has only loved one girl in his life. Hailey Halpert, Jilly's best friend from his small New Jersey town had his heart even if she didn't know it.

Imagine Jilly's surprise when he finds out his dream date is with none other than Hailey. Feeling that fate has brought the two of them together again, Jilly feels like this is a new beginning for him and Hailey. 

In their case, fate had a little help. Hailey was basically chosen for the date since she and Jilly were from the same town. Jilly doesn't know who his date is until he arrives at the restaurant and she's nowhere to be found. Socially awkward herself, Hailey has snuck out the back of the restaurant and that's where Jilly finds her. They have their date, Jilly style. No fancy restaurant, no pretense, just the two of them catching up on the Staten Island Ferry.

Our shy couple figure out the feelings they've had for each other in the past and finally, finally act on them. Let me tell you, Jilly Gillette can kiss me any day. He's getting to kiss the love of his life and it's like whoa. 

Anyway, that night as Jilly takes Hailey home, he sees that she lives in a less than desirable apartment. He also finds out her apartment has been ransacked during their date and insists Hailey come and stay with him.

So now you figure great she's staying with Jilly, this is definitely going to go beyond kissing. Not so fast...Hailey's got a secret. She's been using a pen name to write a series of baseball books that anyone with eyes can tell is based on the New York Kings. She hasn't done it to be malicious or spiteful. It's actually helped her keep track of Jilly over the years.

Now since their first date didn't go as planned, Queen of Diamonds sets up another, more romantic type date. While things are getting hot and heavy between Jilly and Hailey, in storms the General Manager of the Kings furious at Hailey. He insists she tell Jilly about the books and well you know what happens next. Oh you don't? One click friends.

The plot just gets thicker, Hailey runs home to hide, Jilly gets an injury that's possibly career ending and no one knows what's going to happen with Jilly and Hailey. Has the girl he's loved all his life done something unforgivable? Does he really know Hailey at all? Read Game On and you'll have all your answers.

Now...Bruce "Jilly" Gillette as a book boyfriend? Sweet Jesus. Yes! He's not only incredibly handsome with deep, soulful brown eyes, but he's got the body of a god. And the man has a few tatts in all the right places. Even though he's slightly "inexperienced" he knows how to make a woman feel good. Add to this mix how sweet and shy he is and you've got yourself an amazing book boyfriend.

I'm giving Collette West's Game On a four lip smack review. I'm totally looking forward to the next installment from the New York Kings!!


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