"I'm not perfect. I've not always done the right thing, but I love you Mira. You've always had a chunk of my heart nestled in your feisty little hand. Maybe all we needed was that last shove - this forced living situation - for what we have to come together, because over these last few weeks, you've stolen the rest of my heart. It's why  you make me crazy. Can you tone down the feist?" ~ Tyler Morgan

True Blue is the third book in Jules Barnard's Blue Series, and yes it has produced yet another book boyfriend for us to swoon over.

Tyler Morgan, Cali's brother seemed to have a lot of secrets when he came back to Lake Tahoe and moved in with his younger sister. You never quite understood what was going on in his head. In True Blue any questions you may have about Tyler are answered.

As a book boyfriend Tyler is completely swoon worthy. Apparently he was one of the hottest boys at his high school. He has darkish hair that is always mussed up, which I obviously love and pale blue eyes. He's tall and broad with a chest and abs you clearly just want to run your hands over and over. He's sweet and caring and he's been in love with one girl for his whole life.

Mira remember her...the bitchy, beautiful girl who came between Lewis and Gen in book one (Oh you don't know? Read book one sillies.) Mira has had a really rough life. Her drug addict mother left her alone when she was a toddler and the Sallee family found her and took her in. She has very little contact with her mother. As a matter of fact, the only time she hears from her mother is when she needs something. Trying to bail her mother out of trouble, Mira seems to have put her self in danger.

After the night Mira is attacked by some thugs and left in the woods, Tyler's sister Cali proposes the idea of Mira moving into her house to keep her safe. It gives Cali a chance to move in with Jaeger her boyfriend. Here's the problem, Tyler and Mira have a past no one knows about. Tyler freaks out because he doesn't want to live with Mira. She hurt him when they were in high school and he's carried that hurt into his adult life. Mira has issues with abandonment so living with Tyler is no picnic for her either.

Trying to keep Mira safe is no easy task. And somewhere along the way Tyler and Mira get under each other's skin. The problem is they're not ready to admit to their feelings, and they don't really get how the other one feels. You know they want each other, they just can't get past their issues.

Mira and Tyler have amazing sexual chemistry. You feel the electricity whenever they're near each other. Even their make out scenes are uber hot. I am all about kissing and Tyler definitely has mad skills in that department. And in the bedroom...Sweet Jesus that man knows what he's doing.

Keeping Mira safe becomes Tyler's main priority. He tries to keep his distance but he can't and it freaks him out. Tyler's got another secret that's holding him back from giving himself completely to Mira.

Will Mira be swept up in a life she never wanted to be in? Will her mother ever give her the love she deserves? Will Tyler and Mira realize their love for each other? Want to find out? One click True Blue. Jules Barnard just keeps making these books better and better.

A four lip smack review for True Blue. Tyler may be my favorite book boyfriend in this series so far...although Jaeger comes in a pretty close second!!


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