"Because I do." Sitting on the side to the bed, Jarrett tucked a few strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail behind her ear. "I haven't been able to take my eyes off you since the day I first saw you. You may have been my brother's first, but you've always been mine. And I'm yours Raine, mind, body and soul. Everything I have, everything I am, belongs to you." ~ Jarrett Moss

If it's possible to fall in love with a book boyfriend in the prologue of a book, I fell in love with Jarrett Moss from the first words he spoke. He is perfection on the inside wrapped up in a perfect package on the outside. So yes there's a new book boyfriend in town and you have to meet him.

Now here's the thing...Jarrett winds up falling in love with his brother Camron's ex-girlfriend. I know sounds sketchy right? Well if Jarrett is the perfect boyfriend, Camron is his exact opposite. A pretentious slimeball who thinks of no one but himself.

But I'm getting too far ahead of myself. Raine Forester is the object of the Moss brother's affection. She has never been popular, didn't have many friends and found herself to be not much to look at. Imagine her surprise when Camron Moss the hottest guy in school showed interest in her. Camron Moss seems to have it all, money, popularity, looks. The only thing he doesn't seem to have is a conscience. Of course, Raine is not welcome in Camron's world. She's not rich enough or pretty enough and all the popular girls let her know that.

One night at a house party, Raine's life changes forever. First she accidentally meets Camron's brother Jarrett. Then Camron forces himself on Raine. Yes she does get pregnant.

Her parents basically turn their back on her and Camron and his parents are absolutely despicable. Jarrett, the black sheep of his family decides he's going to take care of Raine. He convinces her to move into the mansion that he lives alone in and takes care of her. You might ask why someone so young is living alone in this gigantic house when his family lives like a block away. You'll find out and it's not pretty.

The first night Jarrett saw Raine, he was intrigued by her. So asking her to stay with him is not a hardship for him. The two of them fall into a comfortable routine and before you know it begin to develop feelings for each other. I know, I know, Raine is pregnant with Jarrett's brother's child, but honestly the way they fall for each other is just so sweet.

Unfortunately, they just don't fall in love and live happily ever after. Camron and his parents constantly belittle Raine to Jarrett. They try to make her out to be some gold digging whore. Jarrett's entire lifestyle is an issue for his parents, so taking care of Raine doesn't help.

Jarrett can't help him self. He started falling for Raine before he really knew who she was. Even with all the nonsense surrounding them, Raine and Jarrett's relationship becomes physical. They start with some very steamy make out sessions.  Raine's pregnancy definitely doesn't stop the two of them from becoming intimate. And sweet Jesus what girl wouldn't want to get between the sheets with Jarrett. He's gorgeous with an amazingly cut body (I'm talking V lines here). You'll definitely fall in love with him as a book boyfriend.

Raine and Jarrett may have strong feelings for each other, but can they have a happily ever after when the odds are truly stacked against them? There's a plot twist or two that you won't see coming and I'm certainly not going to share them. Why? I really want you to one click Raine and read it.

Raine is just an unbelievably good story and I have to give it a five lip smack review. Any book that can make me fall in love and bring tears to my eyes has definitely done it's job.


  1. Awesome review! I fell in love with Jarret, too. One of the best book boyfriends ever! I cried and cried when I was reading this book. I so badly wanted things to work out for them.

    1. Jarrett is amazing!! He made up for how horrible his family was. And just imagine that body in bed. Sweet Jesus!!


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