Fighting the Fall is the fourth book in J.B.’s Fighting series, and just like the first three I absolutely LOVED this one.  In fact, Fighting the Fall is my new favorite!!  Cameron Kyle and Eve Dawson are the focus of this book.  I just love characters that are broken, the vulnerability in them just made me fall in love with their story.

Cam is the current CEO of the UFL, and a, not willingly, retired fighter himself.  After a freak illness that left him unable to fight, Cam has been working on getting back in shape physically in order to get back into the ring.  Taking the office job for UFL was just a way for him to earn money while he trained.  Cam’s past is devastating and tragic.  He has suffered so much, and in turn he has shut down his feelings as a way to survive.  My heart just breaks for Cam.  Between his son, his ex-wife, his CEO job and his determination to get back into the ring, he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

            “Fighting is my life.  I can’t lose it. I will not lose everything over something I had zero control over”- Cam

Eve Dawson has been hurt by men, and that has destroyed her emotionally.  Claiming to be done with men Eve has declared herself a lesbian, even though she’s never been with another woman.  Sad, and depressed Eve believes if she never lets anyone into her heart again, she won’t be hurt.  Eve tells herself she’ll never find a man to love her in the crazy kind of way that her friends have from the men in their life.

            “I always want more. That’s my problem. I want to be the girl that a man can’t live without.” - Eve

Things develop quickly for Eve and Cam, and although their relationship starts out as strictly sex, their chemistry and pull towards each other is undeniable.  The constant struggle to let go and be with each other is ever present.  Cam’s past is always haunting them and the secret he is hiding makes matters worse.   Eve keeps pretending that she can keep their relationship casual sex, but her feelings  overcome all of the obstacles to find their happiness, when their world has been nothing but pain?  Ahhh.. You must read this book to find out!!!

            There are a thousand reasons why I need to stay away, but only one reason why I don’t want to. I can’t get enough of her” -Cam

I love me some hot alpha males and Cam was definitely one!!!  God!!  He is definitely a book boyfriend for me!!  And Eve, yeesh, what a strong determined young woman.  Honestly, I did not feel the big age difference. Eve seemed to be the same age in maturity as Cam.  She was the glue that repaired the broken parts of all around her..  I really admired her. 

Jamie Salsbury really has proven that strong writers can keep a series going while keeping her books interesting and leaving us wanting for more.  The books in this series keep getting better and better for me.  I love how she incorporates the characters from previous books into each one as she goes along, making me feel a sense of “home” while reading her books.

Without a doubt, I give Fighting The Fall by J.B. Salsbury 5 lip smacks!!!


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