Luke: Read this next line slowly, so it sinks in. It was never just about the sex. Go back and read it again. Again, Tessa. Do it. Just in case you're being stubborn, I'll type it again. It was never just about sex. Not even the other night when you kept me out. I wanted to be with you because it's the only time I see how much you need me. And I don't feel completely alone anymore. ~Luke Evans

Pretty beautiful for a guy who got caught getting a blow job from a random girl at the beginning of the book. I admit, I was not thinking Luke Evans was boyfriend material from the start of All I Want. It didn't take time for me to quickly do a 180 degree turn and fall madly in love with him.

All I Want is the second book in J. Daniel's Alabama Summer Series. So I would definitely one click Mia and Ben's story. You can read All I Want as a stand alone, but why would you want to do that? And even better news...get ready for Reed's story because he's getting his own.

Let's get the physical out of the way. Luke Evan's is beautiful. From his incredibly fit body ( he's a police officer), to his amber colored eyes he's perfect. His muscles and his tattoos just add to his blazing hotness. He's also never had to work to get the girl, until he met Tessa.

Which is probably why Tessa Kelly can't fall out of love with him. They had a three month relationship a year ago and the girl hasn't been with anyone since. She can not get Luke Evans out of her mind and to be perfectly honest, after finishing All I Want, I can't either. Unfortunately, Luke isn't someone Tessa can just write out of her life. He's her brother's best friend and it seems everybody knows everybody in their small Alabama town.

Their relationship was hot and passionate. But Luke wasn't able to give Tessa everything and a misunderstanding that Luke never understood caused their break up. Yes, after the break up Luke whored it up, but it's always been Tessa for him. The part of him he can't give Tessa is a secret that Luke doesn't share easily. He won't share it with Tessa and that tears them apart.

Throughout All I Want Luke and Tessa are drawn together. And the times they are together, sweet Jesus, their chemistry is off the chain hot. Luke has some serious skills in bed and yes, I did go to bed dreaming about Luke Evans. For Luke, no one feels as good as Tessa. There's no one else for him. That's the problem. Two people that love each other but can't quite get it together.

All Tessa wants is for Luke to give her all of him, the good and the bad. The secret he keeps from Tessa is just too much and refusing to share it pushes her away.

Then Luke makes a decision that changes the game for everyone. I rarely cry at books, but this one had me teary from 60% in. The feelings Luke and Tessa have for each other are so strong all you want is for them to get together and just admit how much they love each other.

Obviously I love Luke as a book boyfriend, but I loved everyone in this story. Tessa's best friend Mia, who happens to be married to Tessa's brother who I mentioned is best friends with Luke. They're strong for each other and have each other's backs.

So, "ask me" (you'll understand when you read it) how many lip smacks I'm giving All I Want?
Five! That's right five. Luke Evans has also found a way on to my top ten book boyfriends of 2014.


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