"Hope, I know we're young. I don't want you to feel like this is something we have to set in stone. Our love story has been complicated from the very beginning. It seems like we always have some hurdle standing in our way. I bought you this ring as a promise. I promise to always love you and want to share my life and my future with you. You don't have to wear, it but just keep it until you're ready." ~ Chance Avery

Are you swooning yet?? I don't care how young he is...Chance Avery is literally the most swoon worthy boyfriend I have come across this year. Everything he says is absolutely beautiful. He's flawless with an amazing body and he is loyal and honest and perfect. OMG, could I gush anymore??

Anyway, he's perfect right?? Well not quite. He was kicked out of Penn State and lost his baseball scholarship after being arrested. Fortunately, he was acquitted on a technicality and has now come to Virginia to live in the pool house of his sister Buffy and her much older boyfriend Mark Ryan.

I know right, Buffy? I wanted to hate her at first, but she's really sweet and kind of a kick ass chick in a pink and girly way.

Yes, Yes, there's a story here, give me a second because Chance Avery has invaded my thoughts for several days now.  The story actually starts out with Hope Ryan, Mark's daughter getting ready for high school graduation. Her dad hasn't been in her life for a long, long time. Now he's back and he wants to get to know his daughter again. As a dad, he basically sucks. He left Hope and her mom during his midlife crisis and they've struggled to keep it together for years.

While visiting her father for the first time at his new home, Hope makes her way to the pool house, which she barges into and gets an eyeful of the most beautiful behind she has ever seen. That behind is attached to a beautiful boy who is not happy Hope busted into his home. 

Hope can't get the boy out of her head. She's definitely been anti boyfriend since she found out hers was cheating on her. But pool house boy is another story.  Pool house boy is non other than Buffy's brother Chance. 

The two run into each other a few times. Somehow Chance is always there to save Hope if she's in trouble. The night she sneaks into a bar with her best friend Rylee is the save that changes both of them forever. When her father and Buffy come into the bar, Chance gets Hope out of the bar before daddio sees and takes her home. 

When they get home, holy hell just their making out got me hot and bothered. Hope wanted Chance and with some liquid courage she made her move. Don't misunderstand, Chance wants Hope just as badly, but he knows she's young and he doesn't want to deal with her father wanting to kill him.

After their first night together, you know Hope and Chance are in love. I know, I am a sucker for an all consuming love story and that's what A Hope and a Chance  is. The two of them try to ignore their feelings. But somehow they always come back together. Finally they stop fighting and do some major sneaking around to be with each other. 

Hope and Chance are not the only part of the book. Of course they're the main part, but there's also Hope's relationship with her father, her dad's relationship with Buffy and the whole mess of Chance's life after Penn State. Of course, Hope's issues with trust come into play quite often. She's always ready to believe the worst when it comes to Chance and other females. Who could blame her? Her dad and ex boyfriend were lying, cheating slime.

There's also issues with the ex boyfriend and a friend of Buffy's that can't quite understand Chance doesn't want her anymore.

There's so much to this story and I don't want to give anything away. But I have to tell you. I loved, loved, loved it. Read A Hope and a Chance to find out if Chance and Hope get caught. If their love is really true. Just read it. I promise you'll love it. Actually, let me know what you think after you've read it!!

A huge five lip smack review for Jennifer Foor's A Hope and a Chance.



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