"And I love being around you. I love sleeping with you, and by sleeping I don't mean sex. I love waking up in the middle of the night with you in my arms. I love cooking for you and making you mad and hanging out with you at work. So what I'm basically saying," he says, kissing my still-damp should. "is that I love you." ~ Javier Cruz

It should come as no surprise that I am absolutely in love with Javier Cruz from Chelsea M. Cameron's latest creation For Now. What's not to love? He's beautiful, dark hair and eyes that are brown with flecks of gold in them. A body made for sin that is covered in sexy black ink. A brain that rivals his hot body and did I mention he cooks? The man is clearly perfection.

So why is it that Hazel Gellar doesn't want anything to do with Javi? If anything, she finds him to be annoying. She also knows if they tried to get together it would be a disaster. Even though she finds him incredibly attractive and is forever getting caught staring at his hotness, she won't even entertain the thought.

Until...Javi starts coming around more often. Which is easy because his best friend Jett is dating Hazel's best friend Shannon. So even though it's normal for Javi to come around, it's not normal for him to come over with groceries and cook dinner every night. It's also not normal for him to stay over and study after Jett and Shannon have left for the night. 

Did I mention the kissing part? The hot, sexy, unbelievable kissing? Because that's unusual too. Then there's the part where Javi gets weird. Then there's the part after that where Javi and Hazel have amazing, sweaty, animal, break the bed sex. Oh yes, it's that good. 

Javi and Hazel are convinced they could never have a relationship. They're both afraid they would screw something up and even their friendship would be ruined. They both seem to believe love just isn't in the cards for them.

Hazel starts to worry because she starts having feelings for Javi that she never thought she'd have about anyone. Javi got some secrets that may threaten the fragile relationship he has with Hazel.

Do these two have what it takes to go the distance? Well, you know what I'm going to have to read For Now to find out.

I must say, For Now is a delightful read. Javi is gorgeous to read about, and something I really like about him and Hazel is, they were friends before they became romantic. Hell they spent a lot of time telling everyone they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, until they were.

Oh and one more thing...see the butterfly on the cover? Look for the reference in the story. It's really kind of cool. Anyway, Chelsea M. Cameron's For Now gets a four lip smack review from me. It's sweet and Javier Cruz is damn sexy!!


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