"I don't need to. Each moment I spend with you proves what I've thought all along: everything you are is perfect for me, Alice. I have no idea what you like to do, what you like to eat, where you grew up, or what your political views are. None of it will change how I feel about you, because it's all you. I can't wait to discover everything I can about you. Every exciting part that you'll let me see." ~ Evan Meyer

Evan Meyer is quite possibly the most perfect book boyfriend I have ever had the pleasure to read about. He's tall with unbelievably beautiful green eyes. A fit, well muscled body that looks good in any clothes, but especially naked. He's also got just the right amount of cockiness that makes him hot, not arrogant. Evan also comes with a secret.

Alice is a matchmaker at a club called The Core. The Core is a place where people go to hook up and lose their inhibitions for a while. Alice along with her best friend Andee are matchmakers at the club. They make sure everyone has a good time and gets what they came for. The Core is home for Alice. Her boss Derek took her in at a very low point in her life. So for Alice the people of The Core are her family. She's made this job her life and she doesn't want to do anything to ruin it.

The night Evan comes into The Core he sees what he wants right away and that something is Alice. They share an extremely passionate kiss within minutes of meeting. Reading about the way Evan kisses got me very hot and bothered. I have never wanted to kiss a book character more in my entire existence. Anyway, Alice then proceeds to try and hook Evan up with another woman at the club. Here's the thing, Evan is hooked already...on Alice. He doesn't want anyone else. Evan's decided Alice is the woman for him. Alice is conflicted, she feels these strangely jealous feelings trying to hook Evan up, but she also doesn't do the love and relationship thing.

That night when they run into each other again, Evan again tells Alice he wants her. This time Alice gives in to her feelings and has unbelievably hot sex in the club with Evan. Yea, in case you weren't positive, The Core is a sex club and that scene is deff something to go back and read again. Actually any sex involving Evan Meyer is so hot, you might need a cold shower to cool you off. 

Against everything she believes in, Alice decides to give in and go on a date with Evan. The two fall quickly and deeply for each other. I do enjoy a good love at first sight story. Especially with someone as perfect as Evan. Truthfully as a couple Evan and Alice are made for each other. I love the way he treats her like she's  precious to him and I love that Alice gave love a chance.

Their dates are always a rush because Evan is an adrenaline junky and lives to push life to the limit. Alice is definitely enjoying the ride on the wild side with Evan. And of course every date has to include some very steamy hot sex. It's all good in the hood until something happens to Alice on one of their adventures that totally freaks Evan out.

But not everything is all warm and fuzzy in the land of The Core. Alice and Evan both have secrets. Secrets that can potentially ruin any happily ever after for them. Not to mention Alice's fear of losing her job after learning her boss has just offered the promotion she thought she was up for to best friend Andee.

If you want to find out what happens to Evan and Alice (you know you do). Go now and one click The Core. I promise you will be glad you did.  You'll probably also go back and read the naughty parts just like I did. I promise, Evan and his sparkling green eyes are well worth the read!

A four lip smack review for The Core which looks like a series I've got to get reading!!


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