"I smell you when you're nowhere near me. I feel you, without touching. When you walk into a room, I know you're there ever before I look up. Every time I see you smile, I smile. Your happiness has become my happiness. Either I'm in love with you, or you really are my very own angel. Either way, we were meant to be." ~ Jackson Knight

Worth Forgiving is the third novel in the MMA series by Vi Keeland. Here's my suggestion. Read them all. They can definitely stand alone, but it's so much better to know the whole story, because somehow these three delicious MMA fighters are all connected and it just makes the stories that much better.

Worth Forgiving is the story between Jackson (my friends call me Jax) Knight and Lily St. Claire. Jax is a wealthy investor, who is at odds with his senator father, because his father has turned out to be the ultimate tool. He's completely shady and you'll love to hate him. Jax's father's mistake, sends Jax to New York to work out a deal, but to also escape the press that have been hounding him since daddy dearest's tabloid worthy indiscretions have been brought to light. It seems you can't preach Christian values and then run around making illegitimate babies. Anyway...

Lily St. Germaine the beautiful daughter of "The Saint", a middleweight boxing champion works for the chain of gyms her dad and his business partner own. Lily's dad passed away recently and that sent her world into a tailspin. The nephew of her father's partner got her through this very tough time. Unfortunately, the nephew, Caden has gotten entirely too possessive of Lily and can't quite take the hint that he and Lily are no longer an item. Trust me, Caden, NOT a book boyfriend.

Lily and Jax meet when Jax comes in to introduce himself as part of a group invest in the gym. He's also there to work out at the gym. Jax is immediately taken with Lily and of course Lily finds Jax drool worthy. Only since her breakup and unwanted continued attention from Caden, Lily makes it a rule not to mix business with pleasure. And damn Jax is most definitely pleasure. Tousled dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes that sparkle and a body so fit you can't help but stare. Especially after he works out and he's all sweaty and…..oh right, back to the review.  Jax proposes he and Lily be friends. Lily being attracted to Jax agrees to friends. Who thinks friends is going to work out between these two?? Anyone?

Of course friends doesn't work out. They are far too attracted to each other to even pretend. Their connection is electrical and they can't deny themselves. Jax is an unbelievable lover, he pays attention to every part of Lily, over and over again. Lily knows she's never felt like this about anyone and can't get enough of Jax.

Don't think everything is smooth sailing. Nothing really ever works out that way. Caden goes crazy when he finds out Jax and Lily are together. Talk about someone that couldn't take a hint. Jax's shady father comes between our sexy couple and their budding romance takes a huge step back.

Through in an MMA competition in Vegas, two brothers meet each other for the first time, and plot to get some revenge on a psycho. Then a huge miscommunication once again comes between Jax and Lily. It's the makings of a great story. I loved that the players from all three novels in this series had a part in this book. I love some hot MMA fighters and I love when jackasses get whooped.

Jackson Knight was a surprisingly hot book boyfriend. He was damn sexy. I love his naughty mouth. I thought it was so hot when he told Lily what he was doing wasn't flirting, it was foreplay. OMG I almost forgot. He calls Lily Angel and I swear I melted a little each time he said it. *Swoon* I know he is uber hot, but Jax's personality turned me on so much I was wishing I was Lily.

Oh course I'm giving Worth Forgiving a five lip smack review. If you love hot as hell boys and MMA fighting, this is a book for you. So go one click it now and start reading. Then tell me how much you love Jax Knight.


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