"You told me I couldn't keep you locked up in some tower like Rapunzel and I get that Violet. But now you're free. There's no stalker and no secrets hanging over you. You're free to go and free to stay with me, But I want you to stay with me. If you're willing." ~ Jayce McKittrick

Before I read the book Revenge Bound, I never knew there was an actual issue called revenge porn. I obviously know about sexting and things getting onto the internet that people don't want, but revenge porn was something new to me. I'm glad to have learned something new and I'm glad I got to meet Jayce McKittrick because he is the epitome of book boyfriend.

Violet Chase is a good girl. She's close to her family,  always obeys the rules, and has a huge need to be in control of herself. While she's away in Europe she begins to receive obscene text messages. Somehow, some very private pictures of Violet were put up on a revenge porn website (you'll find out who did it, the sleaze ball)  Here's the's like next to impossible to get them down.

Things go down hill fast for Violet. The frightening texts increase and become more stalker like, she loses her job as a middle school teacher and she meets Jayce McKittrick who she has an immediate attraction to that she doesn't want to have. Jayce is not someone a good girl like Violet gets involved with. Especially now when she's trying desperately to fly below the radar.

Did I mention Jayce is a member of the group Tattoo Thief? Guess which member he is? Yup...the beautiful man whore dripping in groupies. Here's where it gets interesting. Jayce is insanely attracted to Violet. He'd do like anything for her from the second he lays his eyes on her. Seeing all of his band mates with girl friends he decides he wants more than meaningless hook ups. Now all he has to do is get Violet to believe he could be good for her.

Violet thinks this is the worst idea ever. Being with Jayce would bring her a ton of unwanted attention. But, Jayce doesn't give up easily. When he finds out about Violet's stalker he jumps into action and decides he's going to take care of her.

As attracted as she is to Jayce, Violet is fighting to stay in control (remember control, it's an important theme throughout the story). She pushes Jayce away...a lot. Jayce is willing to take anything Violet will give him, and when they finally get together...BAM!!! Totally hot squirm in your chair while you read chemistry. Jayce and Violet battle through a lot. But don't think they just get together and it's all good. They definitely go through a few pit falls.

In addition to Violet's stalker and whole revenge porn issue, Jayce also has band troubles. One of his band members is a pain and Jayce considers going solo. There's also the girl friend of a band member who's a trouble making uber bitch that everyone needs to watch out for.

Put this all together and it equals a really good story. Yes you'll find out who put up Violet's pictures in the first place. Yes you'll find out who the stalker is, but you have to read the book. 

If you're addicted to love at first sight, hot, sexy band boy stories the way I am, go and one click Revenge Bound. I wouldn't steer you wrong.

I'm giving Revenge Bound a four lip smack review. I loved Jayce and Violet, I loved that as down as Violet got she never gave up, and I really loved how sexy Jayce is...I can't lie.


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