Degradation by Stylo Fantome

WOW!!! I just finished this book, and I want to go right back to beginning and re read it!!! It’s just that good!

Tatum O'Shea is an amazingly strong, confident and honest main character. She says what she means and means what she says. There are no wishy washy annoying traits about her!!!  She starts out as a mousy preppy type of girl but following the fallout of a tryst with Jameson Kane she becomes a crazy party girl and self proclaimed slut!

Jameson Kane is a sexy, rich and confident man, who is also honest and did I mention sexy?  He is powerful and beautiful and is used to getting his way. Jameson is not a relationship kind of guy and he only believes in one night stands. Until he sees Tate again…

Seven years after their one encounter Jameson and Tate meet up again.  With thoughts of their 1 tryst in the back of both of their minds, they decide to start up a relationship of sorts. This agreement is most definitely not your usual type of relationship, but it works for the
m!  They have similar likes in the bedroom and a friendship is formed outside of it.

I want Prince Charming to ride up on a white horse, and carry me off to his castle. The only difference between me and other girls is once I get there, I want him to bend me over the throne and pull my hair while he fucks me hard and calls me names. - Tate

Tate and Jameson are very good at playing games and both want to win at all costs.  Fierce competition rules the way they interact with one another and as time goes on lines and rules blur.  Add in an ex fiancĂ©, a best friend fuck buddy and jealousy and insecurity begin to take hold.  And we all know that playing games is dangerous and things between them get seriously effed up!

“If you want to run, I suggest you do it now,” Jameson told her.
“Why?” Tate asked, and he leaned in close.
“Because I eat girls like you for breakfast,” he hissed in her ear.

I didn't know what to expect, but as I continued to read I found I really liked the way their crazy sex and honest relationship worked! I really was pulling for them, but at the same time I did not want their different ways to become "normal". 

"Why are you so good to me," he whispered. "Because you are so bad to me."- Tate

Now, some people call this a dark book, but I totally disagree with that! Sure their sexual relationship is a bit taboo, but honestly, I did not find it to be too much.  In fact, I found that I really liked the way they were with one another, each being a consensual adult and all!  For whatever reason, their edgy relationship works for them in this book.  I also really loved both of their personalities. Tate is so funny you can’t help but giggle at some of the things she is constantly doing. Jameson is so serious and down to business, but has no problem letting Tate act all crazy with him in public! Oh, and did I mention that Tate’s nickname for Jameson is Satan?  Yup, Satan….

Tate may be one of the best female characters I have read about and Jameson is definitely one of the sexiest dirty talkers around!  And you know I love me some dirty talk!!!

Before I wrap up here I want to make special mention of Sanders.  He is Jameson’s PA and honestly, one of the most awesome and interesting secondary characters ever!!  You will see what I mean and at the end of this book you will see exactly the kind of stuff he is made of and I loved every bit of it!!

Degradation does end in a bit of a nail biting cliffhanger, but no worries as book 2 comes out on September 22nd.

Without a doubt, Degradation by Stylo Fantome is a 5 lip smack book!!!


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