Watched you run away-
You took my soul that day
I stand in the light
wondering where you are,
how I lost you,
how I could win you back,

But it's not me, not forgotten,
Couldn't love you more than I do now.
You took my all, you give me all
I have nothing left to be...

Never alone, not forgotten
Not the first, but not the the last
Broken, but not shattered
Ruined, but you saved me... Saxon Waite

Have you ever looked at a book cover and known you just had to read that book? Well that's what happened to me the second I saw the cover for Wicked Innocence by Missy Johnson. I was a woman on a mission. I had to have this book. And yes, I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of Wicked Innocence  and it most certainly lived up to the expectation I had of it. 

As the story begins, Mikayla Hale is spending sixteen hundred dollars for fake ID. Well not just any fake ID. Identification that will turn her into Micah Lawson and change her life forever. So one afternoon fourteen year old Mikayla meets a very sketchy, scary character, turns into eighteen year old Micah and never looks back.

Three years later, her ID says she's twenty one and she's set to change her life once again. She's out to audition for one of the hottest indie bands in LA, Resurrection. Only she blows the first audition. Her voice is pitchy, she's a nervous wreck. As the band is trying to shoo her away, Micah belts out a tune the way she knows she can. That gets her a second try out with the band.

Of course she kicks ass at the second audition, which is to sing at a small party (really, in front of a huge crowd of people) and Micah doesn't disappoint. She kicks ass and gets to be part of Resurrection. This is Micah's dream. It's what she's been working toward for the past three years. Just when she thinks she's got it all cool, she meets her new band's manager. Rock god turned recluse Saxon Waite. I personally would have lost my ish if I met him. Gorgeous blue eyes, tousled dark hair, tight black tee, showing off tattooed toned arms. Come on, what would you do if you were Micah. Of course, she fan girls. 

Well guess what? Saxon can't seem to get Micah or her music out of his head. So here's the deal with Saxon. He's twenty five and hot as hell (see description above). He was rocks bad boy but he spiraled out of control. After a horrible accident, he stopped playing and started managing his cousin's band. There's a lot more to the accident, but you need to one click to find out.

Micah and Saxon obviously attracted to each other try really hard not to be. She knows she's actually eight years younger than he is and he's battling his own demons from his bad boy days. When Resurrection goes on tour, their attraction gets to be uncontrollable and sharing a hotel room doesn't help. Of course there are usual band shenanigans, drinking, bar fights and of course playing gigs. This tour is for Saxon to prove he's not a screw up anymore and he can handle the music business.  

Saxon tries everything he can to try to stay away from Micah. It's not that he doesn't want her, he doesn't want to screw up. They're attraction is undeniable and one night they give in to what they've both been feeling. Their passion is holy hell hot!! I would absolutely not kick Saxon out of bed. He is just unbelievably sexy. Micah and Sax are amazing together.

Unfortunately, that isn't the ending. Did you really think I'd give you everything? Come on now. Be ready to learn some things about Sax's fall from rock super stardom and remember that the lovely Micah is really only seventeen. You'll discover more of Micah's story too. Like why she felt she needed to be eighteen and independent when she was only fourteen.

Saxon Waite is a the complete package for book boyfriend. He's beautiful, sexy, sweet and damn the boy knows what he's doing in the bedroom. Ask Micah, she can tell you. Or you can one click and read all about him.

So, my excitement for Wicked Innocence was well justified. I knew I would love it just by reading the book blurb. I'm giving Wicked Innocence a five lip smack review. I'm hoping Missy Johnson will be giving us more to read about the boys from Resurrection and maybe even an update on Micah and Sax!!


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