I met a boy.
And I fell for him.
He was sweet, her was kind and no matter how much he tried to deny me...
He couldn't resist
And neither could I.
He was my first kiss.
The first boy I let touch me.
He was my first...everything.
But he walked away from me.
To protect me...from himself.
When the only protection I really wanted...
The only protection I needed...
Was him. ~ Reverie Hale

Before I say anything about Her Destiny by Monica Murphy at all, I'm going to tell you to read His Reverie. You have to read it for two reasons. First, it gives all the background information for the story to make sense. Second it's such a phenomenal story of course you have to read it.

As Her Destiny begins, Reverie Hale is heart broken, because after spending a wonderful night with Nicholas Fairchild, he completely disappears from her life. It's bad enough that Nick has left her, but now she also has to deal with the fallout from the collapse of her father, Reverend Hale's ministry. It seem the Hale mother and father were most definitely not the good Christians they portrayed themselves to be. They've been embezzling funds from their ministry for years. Living the good life while stealing from their flock.

If you thought Reverie's parents were uninvolved in her life in the first book, they're even worse in this one. Since her parents have lost everything, Reverie goes to live with her brother Evan. The two have them have only ever known life having money. Now, they worry about being able to pay for their small apartment. Both of them work as many hours as they can and worry about college for Reverie, since she's now a high school senior.

Of course the relationship between Nick and Reverie plays the biggest part in Her Destiny. Nick arrested again for a crime he didn't commit has lost contact with Reverie. While he was in prison and Reverie had to leave her vacation home the two of them are lost to each other. Nick tries to text message Reverie, but never gets a response. Reverie, thinking that Nick only used her, starts on her way down the wrong path at the start of her senior year. 

Fortunately,  the police don't have enough evidence to hold Nick, so they release him. To clear his name completely, all he has to do is tell the police what he was doing the night of the crime. To protect Reverie, he won't do it.

He also decides he doesn't want to be without Reverie any more and searches for her. When he finds her, she pushes him away. She doesn't understand how he could have left her. In addition, her brother Evan wants Nick to stay away from Reverie. Let's face it, Nick doesn't have the best luck in the world and Evan is afraid he'll drag Reverie down. Evan who definitely didn't give a big brother vibe in His Reverie, does a complete turn around. He's very concerned about Reverie and wants what's best for her.

I have to tell you, there's a plot twist in Her Destiny that I didn't see coming at all. There were some tense moments when I was holding my breath. But that just made the story even better. You won't be sure how things turn out until the very end. Oh and I'm so not telling you because I want you to read His Reverie and Her Destiny.

This has to be one of the best series I've read this summer. You'd never think Reverie would fall for someone like Nick. You'd never think someone who's been through all the tragedy Nick's been through could be so sweet and loving. 

As for the book boyfriend factor Nicholas Fairchild is off the charts perfect. He's physically fabulous to look at, but that's not just it. What's inside of him is completes the perfection package. He decides he's going to get Reverie back. He knows the odds are against them, but he loves her completely and that makes me love him even more than I did in the first book.

Of course I'm giving Her Destiny a five lip smack review. It really is a beautiful story. And maybe, just maybe, if we're really lucky, Monica Murphy will give Evan his own story (fingers crossed).


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