"You don't think I notice you?" I yell, causing her to jump back a little. "You're wrong! I notice your beautiful green eyes. Your short legs and how damn hot they'd look wrapped around me. Your curves that make my damn mouth water. I wanna run my hands from you perfect tits, to those hips and around to your sexy ass. I get hard every time I look at you." I take a deep breath. "Yeah, Thumper. I do notice you." ~ Camron Taylor

You'd think well, problem solved, they're both attracted to each other end of story. Yea, not so much. Because sometimes, even when you want something really bad, you know you just can't have it.

Haven't we all had a crush at sometime in our lives? I know I have. I've had one that lasted almost as long as ten years. Well, truth, it's still kind of a crush. But this book is about Camron Taylor and Gabby Murphy. Camron is Gabby's brother Josh's best friend. They've all known each other forever. At one point, Camron even thought of Gabby as a little sister. Then about five years ago, he started to see her a lot differently.

Here's the thing, Gabby doesn't think 0f Cam as a big brother. She's had a crush on him since she was eleven years old. On the night of Gabby's 21st birthday party, everyone's tipsy and having a good time, so you think sparks will fly between Gabby and Cam. Nope, that's not what happens at all. In a huge show of testosterone Cam drags Gabby off the dance floor, confesses his feelings and then tells her they can't be together. Cam feels like he can't have sort of relationship with Gabby because if it ends he thinks he'll lose not only Gabby, but his best friend Josh.

This decision leaves them both miserable. And what do you do when you're miserable? You drown your sorrows in alcohol and random sex to forget the one you really love. It's a huge mess. Cam tries to forget Gabby by getting wasted and having random sex every night. Then Gabby hooks up with the first guy that asks her out. The problem? When they're with these other people all they do is think about each other.

This all blows up one night when Cam discovers Gabby's boyfriend Brandon doing something uber stupid. After thoroughly kicking Brandon's ass, and throwing him out of the party, Cam makes the decision that he's going to do whatever it takes to make Gabby his. Even though Cam wants to wait for things to get physical, when Gabby says she needs him, it's on. And damn is it on! These two definitely get very hot and sweaty every chance they can. Unfortunately, one big brother Josh is not crazy about the timing of this new relationship and punches Cam out. 

Now don't think I gave it all away, because there's a plot twist that involves obnoxious, pill popping Brandon. If you didn't like him before, you'll absolutely hate him now. The boy is a fool. 

Camron is completely swoon worthy. I could see crushing on him for ten years or more. He's got dark hair and blue eyes. Then he's got, the type of hair that always looks mussed up and tattoos on his very fit body. Tattoos that Gabby finds herself wondering what it would be like to lick them. Camron is loyal and fiercely protective of the people he loves. All of that equals a very close to perfect book boyfriend.

If you've ever had a crush in your life, you'll understand the way Gabby felt. I'm giving Ten Year Crush a four lip smack rating. It's such a sweet story and the characters are totally likable and realistic. Now, I'm waiting to find out what's going on between Tiffany and Josh. Hmmmmmmm....


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