"You are enough, you are everything. Please just give me one more chance. You have my trust explicitly. Never again will I doubt you. I was wrong. I know you did nothing and didn't deserve one word of the poison I sent in your direction. Please don't leave. Tell me what it will take for you to stay." His eyes pleaded ~ Gage Dennison

Delaney Collins is a single mom to brand new baby Jacob. She's leaving everything she's ever known behind to begin a new life in Clearwater Falls, New Hampshire. Which just happens to be the home of the very sexy, yet somewhat stubborn and thick headed Gage Dennison. 

Gage is the Sheriff of Clearwater Falls. He and his whole family live in the town. His parents Bianca and Grady are wonderful people and just as in love today as the day they got married. They're love is the kind of love Gage is looking for. He thought he found it with his wife Krista. That was until he came home early one afternoon and found her in bed with his best friend Pete.

Gage promises himself he'll never fall down the rabbit hole again and swears off love, which is interesting because Delaney has also sworn off love. She knows baby Jacob is her life now and he's the only man she needs. 

The two meet when Delaney's Jag gets stuck in a snow bank and cranky Sheriff Gage helps her out, but basically tells her that her Jag's not a "practical" car for the winters in New Hampshire. Imagine Gage's surprise when the cottage Delaney's taking over is the one right next door to his. 

This is definitely not a love at first sight story. Gage is completely trying not to like Delaney. It's almost like when a boy likes a girl but does negative things to get her attention. That's exactly the way Gage Dennison behaves. Although he does specifically make a trip to pick her up when a bad snow storm heads their way. Not to mention he keeps Delaney and baby Jacob at the Sheriff's station when there's no room anywhere else.

This is a turning point. Delaney's already feeling an attraction to Gage and you know he's into her. He just doesn't show it well. The two start spending time together and begin to enjoy each other's company. 

Gage feels enough for Delaney that he invites her to spend Christmas Eve with his family. Of course EVERYONE, including all of Gage's brothers think Delaney is fabulous and they're not shy about letting her know how they feel, even in front of their brother who gets more and more jealous by the second. 

Yes ladies, Gage is a caveman. He is rough, he is gruff and if he could he would drag Delaney away to his cottage and never let her go. Only he's not ready to acknowledge those feelings yet.

That night is the first of several big blow out fights for Gage and Delaney. He finds out the story of Jacob's dad and rips into Delaney big time. They spend a week apart, avoiding each other. That is until New Year's Eve when a drunk Gage barges into Delaney's cottage and explains to her all of his feelings before passing out on her couch.

You get the story. Now they know they have feelings for each other and they give dating a try. Lord, Gage Dennison is one sexy man. When he told Delaney he was going to kiss her, yes, I swooned. Then he told her he wasn't the kind of guy that shared his woman or had casual sex. Everything is the real deal for our Sheriff Dennison. And if you don't think that's hot, I don't know what to tell you.

Luckily for Gage another huge snow storm is coming their way. This time he brings Delaney and baby Jacob to his place. He does have a generator you know. That night they give into their passion and spend the night in Gage's bed. They both make each other feel something they'd never felt before. And let me tell you, Gage Dennison can bring vanilla bean ice cream to my house any day. 

I wish I could tell you and they lived happily ever after from this point on, but that wouldn't be true. Gage was so wounded by what his wife did in the past it stops him from fully trusting Delaney. So when Pete (you remember, best friend, slept with his wife) and Jacob's real father come to town, Gage's inner caveman totally emerges and things blow up. 

After their final fight Gage comes home from work and sees a moving truck at Delaney's house. He completely falls apart. He begs her for another chance and even though they both love each other beyond reason, Delaney tells him she has to leave, she feels love shouldn't hurt.

So what happens to this couple? Does Delaney leave? Does Gage chase after her? You're going to have to read Afraid to Fall to find out.

I do love an alpha male and Gage Dennison is definitely an alpha. And guess what? He's got four more brothers for us to meet and they are all very sexy in their own ways. 

A four lip smack review for Afraid to Fall. One click away friends. You'll deff enjoy the read!!


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