Although The Redemption by SL Scott is a stand alone, it really is a continuation of the story of characters first introduced in The Resistance.  This book focuses on newly widowed Rochelle Flores and bad boy drummer Antonio “Dex” Caggiano. 

Rochelle is devastated by the loss of her husband, The Resistance drummer Cory. She is trying desperately to get herself together for the sake of her boys, but she hasn’t really allowed herself to grieve.  Lonely and sad, she just carries on with her life. 

Dex is the bad boy partier and drug abusing drummer.  He is struggling to become a decent and deserving man, but he just can’t seem to believe he is worthy of happiness.  A crappy childhood, struggles with addiction and a disastrous hook up with the girl of his dreams, leave Dex a complete mess.

The two come together over the years and finally admit they have feelings for each other, so they attempt to begin a relationship.  I love how SL really shows how much these two struggle with their pasts.  It seemed that the only time Rochelle and Dex found real happiness and peace with each other was when they were alone together in their own private bubble; their Neverland.

            My feelings for you are real. But for you, I’ll be your Peter Pan and you can pretend to be Wendy and we’ll stay in Neverland until you’re ready to see that Neverland doesn’t have to live only in our imaginations” - Dex

No matter how strongly they feel for each other Rochelle and Dex just cannot seem to find a way to be together in the real world.  If she is not running away and feeling guilty, then he is pushing her away.  

My heart really broke for both Rochelle and Dex.  He wanted to be loved and be able to love Rochelle so badly, but he would not let himself do that until he was 100% ready.  Rochelle was so strong as she faced her own fears and waited for Dex to let himself find peace.  

Don’t get me wrong, there were times I wanted to smack him upside the head so he would wake up, but for the most part I was glad that they didn’t just jump in and regret it later.

            I know you, the real you, Dex. You don’t ever have to hide from me” -Rochelle

I especially loved how Dex communicated with Rochelle and her boys through old fashioned letters. Whether he was on the road touring or in LA, it seemed like that was the only way he could talk about his real feelings and be himself.  It was in those letters that Rochelle was able to see who he really was and where he came from. 

            I’ll give you everything I can because you gave me a reason to live. You gave me life” -Dex

I really loved these 2 characters and I enjoyed reading about their journey to continue to live in the aftermath of tragedy. 

I am giving this book 4 Best Book Boyfriend lip smacks!! 


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