"If you're going to talk shit Jess, at least say it like you mean it. Do you remember what I told you in the club that night? He stalks towards me, looming over me with his imposing frame, his hands gripping the back of the sofa on either side of me. "I told you that you make me feel helpless, frustrated, desperate and fucking turned on beyond all reason. I feel that tenfold today baby. Why can't you admit it? Tell me you don't feel the same and I'll walk away and move on. Just say the words." ~ Simon Mantovani

That is just some of the panty melting goodness that is Simon Mantovani in Eva Simone's Enchanted and Desired. I literally needed a cold shower to cool me down after I finished this book. The chemistry between Simon and Jessica Foster is off the chain hot.

First of all let's talk about the male perfection that is Simon. Tall, dark and handsome, don't quite describe him well enough. Short dark almost black hair, chocolate colored eyes that show his every emotion, and a body made for sex, that is toned and tan all the time. Are you drooling yet? Well there's more. When he's feeling sexy or when he's angry (and our girl Jess gets him plenty angry) he speaks in his native Italian. And if that's not enough for you, he has more money than he knows what to do with. So let's just say I have a total thing for Simon.

But onto the story. Remember Lily and Brandon from Intrigued and Enchanted? Well Simon and Jess are their best friends. They meet at a friend's restaurant opening and flirt openly the whole night. Jess who's well Jess decides she'd definitely enjoy a night with Mr. Mantovani and of course Simon is ready to stake his claim on Jess. They have a steamy, sexy off the chain hot night and then Jess sneaks out in the morning. 

Did I mention Jess doesn't do love or relationships? She is deeply damaged from a relationship she had four years ago with a creep named Gavin. So Jess does sex. She likes it, she's assertive about it and she's met her match in Simon.

At first, you might think it's just sex between these two. Really intense, hot, all night long sex. But it does grow into something more. Only Jess isn't willing to admit that and she keeps pushing Simon away. Their sexual chemistry keeps bringing them together, but Jess' emotional baggage keeps them apart. 

The two finally embark on a relationship and everything finally starts to work out for our two sexually charged lovers. Then Jess misunderstands something that Simon says and runs away from him. It takes a lot to make me cry and I have to tell you I absolutely shed tears during this story. Simon is just so beautiful and perfect and I wanted to yell at Jess and tell her to get herself together and stop her nonsense.

Enchanted and Desired  is a story about two people who love each other beyond all reason. But, that love is almost toxic because of the issues that both of our characters have.  At one point Simon even tells Jess sometimes love just isn't enough. These two clearly love each other, but they just keep tearing each other down in heartbreaking ways.

Desired and Enchanted is a book that has a great story. So many times in books, the girl falls in love with the man whore and she changes his whole life. Jess and Simon both have demons and they're not perfect. Simon is the one ready to go all in from the beginning, but even he makes mistakes (really big slutty mistakes). It's all about two people who are perfect for each other, but so afraid to take that step. 

So do you think love is enough for Simon and Jess? There's only one way to find out. Go and one-click Desired and Enchanted. Oh and if you haven't read Brandon and Lily's story one click Intrigued and Enchanted as well. I mean, how can you not want to know the stories of best friends?

A five lip smack review for Desired and Enchanted. It's worth it just to hear Simon speak in Italian!!


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