"No, I love you. I knew that if anyone could bring me out of this, it would be you. Thank you for being here for me, for holding me together when I knew I wasn't going to make it. You gave me hope when I had none." ~Ryder Winchester

Bittersweet Symphony is the fourth installment in J.L. Beck's Bittersweet series. This one is bad boy Ryder's story and let me tell you he is everything and more than I hoped he would be. 

Ryder is the ultimate manwhore. He is built and beautiful. Dark messy hair, piercing green eyes, well toned body and the boy can rock a pair of jeans like nobody's business. He's also got a temper and can be a little manipulative. While twin brother Rex is sweet and perfect, Ryder is the bad boy every girl wants to tame.

Ryder's slept his way across half of Berkeley. Then he meets Mimi's friend Kennedy and Ryder starts wanting something he thought he could never have.

Kennedy Chaps is beautiful, sweet, and damaged. She's worked hard for everything she has. She had a best friend from home Sam. A best friend who turned on her when Kennedy didn't return the romantic feelings he had for her. Sam's made it his mission in life to destroy Kennedy just because she turned him down. The things he does to her are beyond horrible. Just keep in mind as you read, Sam is a despicable person.

Kennedy tries to keep Sam's abuse hidden. She's genuinely afraid of him. She's afraid he'll destroy her. Ruining Kennedy is basically what Sam has planned for her. Will Ryder figure it out and rescue Kennedy? Or is Ryder the one that needs to be rescued?

You see, Ryder's got his own secret. He's suffered horrible abuse at the hand of a person who should have never treated him badly. Years and years of abuse have made Ryder think he's not worthy of love. He sees what his brother and Jenna have. He sees what Corey and Mimi have and as much as he wants it, he truly believes love is something he was never meant to have.

Ryder tries to fight the feelings that he has for Kennedy. He believes that he's supposed to be that hit it and quit it guy. Love can only lead to more pain and that's something Ryder wants to avoid. What Ryder doesn't count on is Kennedy's invasion of his every thought and she becomes more and more important to him. 

The moment Ryder tell Kennedy he wanted to try, sent me swooning. Sweet Lord that boy could get me to drop my panties with his smile and green eyes. Speaking of panty dropping, Ryder's inner bad boy make for some hot, sexy scenes. Oh, just the way he kisses Kennedy...yummmmmmm. All that pent up aggression Ryder harbors definitely serves him well in the bedroom.

Are Ryder and Kennedy going to get their happily ever after? Given Ryder's reputation and Sam's desire to ruin Kennedy, these two have a few strikes against them. So now you know what I'm going to tell you. Read Bittersweet Symphony. Actually start at the beginning and read all four of these novellas. You'll get to know everyone and their stories and that will make each one better for you. I personally can't wait for the next one!! Actually that's not true. I think the next book will conclude the series and I'm not sure if I'm ready for that.

I'm definitely giving Bittersweet Symphony a five lip smack review. I've loved Rex and Corey, but Ryder just melts me a little more than his brother and his cousin. What can I say? I do love me a bad boy turned to mush by a pretty girl.


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