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Lost and Found
by Megan Fields

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A couple torn apart, reunited after more than ten years. Will they find their way back to each other, or will secrets destroy their chance at love?

Ella lost all hope years ago after an abusive relationship with her ex that almost left her dead. Needing control over her life, Ella turned to BDSM. She needs the control and trust the lifestyle of being Mistress of the House brings. What will happen when Ella is reunited with her first love, her first everything? Revealing her secret could push Jack away forever.

Jack was forced to move with his family, leaving Ella behind. He never forgot his one true love though. Now back in London with his brother, he wants to reconnect with her, but will he be able to accept the woman she has become? Will Jack be able to look past the abuse and the fact that his sweet Ella is now a Mistress with her own club? Can Jack submit to Ella and be the submissive she needs?

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Megan Fields
Hmmmmm a bio... What to say? I live in the UK with my family, which comprises of 2 little monkeys (aka the kids) and the other half (aka the big kid).
I’ve always read books and leaned towards the romance novels from my late teens, but it wasn’t until I read books like The Crossfire Series and J Kenner’s Stark Trilogy that I truly found the genre I liked ;-)
Some of my fave authors are Sylvia Day, Jasinda Wilder, Kate Perry, Melissa Foster, K.F. Breene and Lucia Jordan to name but a few. There are definitely some upcoming authors that I have my eye on though, e.g. A.M. Willard, Louise Bay, AJ Summer, Victoria Ashley and A.M. Guilliams.
I started writing my first book Lost & Found in September 2013, so it’s been nearly a year in the making, but I didn’t seriously start dedicating time to it until the beginning of the year when I posted a thread on Good Reads asking for beta readers.

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“It's this picture. It's stunning. I've seen quite a few shots of the skyline but this one has totally drawn me in.” He looks pleased at my compliment.

“I'm glad you like it.”
“It looks like more than just a black and white photo, if that makes sense?”
“It does and you're the first one to notice. I shot it and then digitally enhanced it so that the dark areas of the photo dominate the picture. It draws your eye to different areas other than just the buildings.” I’m staring at him now and his hand squeezes my waist breaking me from my thoughts. “What are you thinking in that pretty little head of yours?” He asks.
I look down, cursing the fact that he still seems to be able to make me blush. What would he think if I told him I wanted him to get down on his knees and beg to pleasure me? Would he do it? Would he listen to my commands? I want to tell him to get on his knees, slide my dress up off my hips and press his nose against my soaked panties. My eyes meet his and he’s still staring at me amused, awaiting my response.
I clear my throat. “I’m thinking that I’d like to purchase this picture.” I focus on the picture once more and feel his grip on my waist relax. I can sense his disappointment in my response and I try to pretend I don’t feel the magnetic draw we have to one another.
“Well I better stick a sold label on it then, before someone else tries to take it.” I feel like there’s a hidden meaning behind his words, but I can’t grasp them. He steps away from me and scribbles on a sticky note before placing it beneath the picture.


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