"Love needs no words. You had me before you even spoke." ~ Zack Martin

I think this is one of the most beautiful lines I've ever read from a book. Because the truth is even before Zack Martin and Nikki Fallon spoke to each other, they felt something that they knew would change them.

Nikki and Zack's story begins in Left Behind even before the two ever actually meet.

Nikki Fallon has never really felt "at home." She's moved around with her mother many times. From trailer park to trailer park. Never really making friends, never setting down roots of any kind. It's always only been Nikki and her mom. But as Left Behind begins, Nikki's mom has passed away and leaves Nikki to discover the secrets she never told her.

Nikki finds out two major pieces of information. One she is a twin. She actually has a sister she never knew she had. She also has an Aunt that she's never met. This Aunt is the person Nikki's going to live with now so she doesn't have to be put in foster care. Within a week of meeting Claire Nichols, Nikki packs up her belongings and moves to California to live with an Aunt she never knew existed.

Zack Martin has the perfect life. He's the poster boy for perfection. Model good looks, quarterback of his high school's football team, dating the head cheerleader. Emily Bennet is the lucky girl who gets to call Zack her boyfriend. Zack's been in love with her since he was nine years old. Only Emily's changing. She's more worried about her make up than she is about her relationship with Zack.  Zack feels them drifting apart. He's never thought about a life without Emily, but she's not the same girl he fell in love with. Zack thinks that will change this weekend. This is the first time the two of them will sleep together. And I don't mean slumber party sleep. This weekend they'll lose their virginity to each other. Zack hopes this new level of intimacy will bring them back to the relationship they once shared.

As fate would have it, Nikki and Zack meet at school and they really do not share any words until maybe the third time they see each other. Oh, keep in mind Zack's notes, they are literally the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Zack and Nikki begin a friendship that quickly turns into something more. But guess what? Nikki and Zack are keeping secrets from each other. Big secrets that can tear apart what the two are starting to have.

I swear, I literally swooned over Zack for the whole book. He is an amazing character and I don't care if he's only a high school senior. He is a perfect book boyfriend. He's intense and loyal and his devotion to his friends is a huge plus. So yes, you will most definitely swoon over Zack.

There were parts of Left Behind where I got very choked up and there were times when I had a good laugh. Thank you Keller for the comic relief when things got dicey. Nikki's best friend Ashley is also a voice of reason when things get to be too much.

There are several twists in Left Behind that will make you go hmmmmmm. Will Nikki and Zack's secrets tear them apart? Who is Nikki's twin sister? And who it that crazy woman that turns up and stares at Nikki whenever she see her?

I'm telling you one click Left Behind ASAP because it really is just that good. Zack Martin is just one more book boyfriend to swoon over and well worth the read!! A five lip smack review for Left Behind.


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