"It's not like that! You know I'm not like that. I told you. I'm with you now. I want to be with you. I love you, Cali. Being away from you kills me. The only thing that has kept me sane throughout all this is thinning about getting back to you. About making all this right so that we can move on together." ~ Jaeger

Cali and her best friend Gen are spending the summer before grad school in Lake Tahoe. The girls are working at a casino and are out to enjoy a summer of freedom. 

Cali's been dating Her boyfriend Eric for the past two years. He's not in Tahoe with Cali so they decide to do the long distance thing. Only Cali who's trying to be a super good girl meets Jaeger an incredibly hot guy that she can't seem to take her eyes off of. She also can't figure out where she knows him from, but she knows she knows him.

With shaggy dark blonde hair, dark green eyes, the cutest guy smile she's every seen and a body that sends heat to her girlie parts, Cali is having thoughts about Jaeger that a girl with a serious boyfriend shouldn't be having. Jaeger's not making it easy though. His heated gazes and touches that make Cali's skin sizzle have her repeatedly having to remind herself about the boyfriend she loves (Eric who?) Not to mention, Jaeger was Cali's brother's best friend growing up. So let's see...Cali's boyfriend, being big brother's best friend put Jaeger firmly in the no-go zone.

Jaeger was on his way to be an Olympic skier until he blew out his knee. When Cali knew him he had a serious girlfriend. Now Jaeger's still in Tahoe, with no girlfriend and anyone with eyes can see he's clearly interested in Cali. I melted when he told her "The only woman I think about is you. I've been pretty direct about my intentions toward you." Can you say swoon worthy?

Cali is completely trying to put Jaeger in the friend zone. She keeps trying to convince herself that  she's checking Jaeger out for Gen. She keeps telling herself she has a boyfriend that she loves. Only that boyfriend is not the guy she thought he was and Jaeger wants to be more than a friend.

When Jaeger and Cali finally get together, damn, their sexual chemistry is off the chain hot! Sex has never been like this for Cali and she finds herself thinking for the first time in her life that she and Jaeger didn't just have sex. They made love.

Now don't think it's all sunshine and rainbows from here on out. It's so not. There are plenty of plot twists that will knock your socks off. Not to mention Cali's brother Tyler moving in and hers and Gen's friendship going a little off course. (I'm actually hoping Tyler will get to tell his story...hint,hint.)

There's definitely a lot going on in Deep Blue by Jules Barnard and you'll love every single bit of it!

I almost forgot, Deep Blue can be read as a stand alone, but you don't want to do that. One click Blue Crush and read Gen and Lewis' story. If you're all about tall, dark and brooding, Lewis is your guy. (Check Best Book Boyfriends for my review of Blue Crush.)

Jaeger is a completely swoon worthy book boyfriend. There is something about him that's just so bloody hot. He's not my usual type of guy, but damn I can't get him out of my brain.

I'm giving Deep Blue a four lip smack review. It's absolutely worth the one click. So go, go get it now!!

Deep Blue Playlist
1.     “Don’t You Worry Child (Radio Edition),” Swedish House Mafia
2.     “Demons,” Imagine Dragons
3.     “Cups (Movie Version),” Anna Kendrick
4.     “Keep It to Yourself,” Kacey Musgraves
5.     “Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko),” Rihanna
6.     “I Couldn’t Be Your Friend,” Tegan and Sarah
7.     “Summer Love,” One Direction
8.     “Too Close (Just to Love You),” Playlist AllStarts
9.     “Locked Out of Heaven,” Bruno Mars
10.  “It’s Time,” Imagine Dragons
11.  “Ho Hey,” The Lumineers
12.  “How Come You don’t Want Me?,” Tegan and Sarah
13.  “Tell Me a Story,” Phillip Phillips
14.  “House of Gold,” Twenty One Pilots
15.  “Daylight,” Maroon 5
“So Easy,” Phillip Phillips


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