I generally am a person who shies away from mysteries. Being incredibly high strung, they can definitely give me some major anxiety. Something about Tamra Lassiter's Perfectly Innocent intrigued me, so I decided to give it a go. I'm totally glad that I did, because Perfectly Innocent was more than just a mystery, and I even enjoyed the mystery part of it.

Phoebe Davidson is a good girl through and through, so imagine her surprise when she finds a dying man on her kitchen floor with a gaping stab wound. Yup, that's right, she hears weird noises from her bedroom and finds Ron Carpenter in a pool of blood on her white kitchen floor.

Enter sexy detective Logan Matthews. He's just transferred to Phoebe's small Virginia town from Miami and some of his colleagues are not too thrilled he got the job. As soon as Logan enters Phoebe's house....instant attraction, on both of their parts. Logan is very compassionate toward Phoebe and she's having feeling for a Logan that she hasn't had since she divorced her husband.

Speaking of her husband Alan Little was the star quarterback from his high school. He had the cheerleader girlfriend, scholarship to play college football and he threw it all away to marry Phoebe. They met in high school and he dumped the cheerleader for her. Oh did I forget to mention, he's also the town drug dealer? Who by the way got caught and sent to prison. Some townsfolk blame Phoebe for Alan's downfall. Could someone be trying to frame her?

So while Logan is falling for Phoebe and making sure she's ok, his partner detective Strauss is doing his best to try and charge Phoebe with this murder. No joke, I thought Strauss was a tool for the entire book. He was so bent on charging Phoebe, he wouldn't give any other theory a chance. Ok, Ok, so he did find some damning evidence against her, but still innocent until proven guilty....right? Yea, not so much in Perfectly Innocent. Even the times when Phoebe has evidence to prove her innocence, Strauss does not want to hear her.

In the midst of this investigation, Phoebe and Logan's attraction takes a turn for the physical. I really liked that even though their intimacy was steamy, they had some real feelings for each other from the start. It helped my inner romantic believe that there sometimes is love at first sight.

Things are looking pretty bad for Phoebe, and it gets worse. Alan, her ex-husband comes back to town, professes his love and tells Phoebe he wants her back. Ugh....I just wanted to tell him to go away. He really puts the hard press on Phoebe. Showing up to her place with her favorite candy, showing up to family dinner claiming to be a changed man. Well nobody's buying it. Except maybe Phoebe's mom. But Phoebe herself admits her mom is a bit naive.

I really have to say, I was kept guessing all the way until the ending of this book. I had so many theories worked out in my head I wasn't sure who did it. There's an awful lot of shady going on in this cast of characters.

Not everything is perfect of course. Someone seems to be following Phoebe throughout most of the story and you never really know who it is. Then someone puts a beat down on Logan and you can't quite figure out who does that either.

Obviously, I'm not telling you the ending, but I will tell you the murderer is definitely get caught, just not before they try to take out someone else. All I can say to that is thank goodness for the town drunk. Read it you'll understand.

A four lip smack review for Perfectly Innocent. It's a good story with some interesting twists and turns. Oh and Logan is pretty sweet too.


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