"No matter what you think, I've always wanted you, Raine. From the very minute I laid eyes on you. ~ Liam O'Neill 

"I've tried to voice how I feel about you. I'm still not sure you actually understand how strong my feelings have become, but now isn't the time for talking. Open yourself to me and let me show you." ~ Liam O'Neill

"Everything that happened today tells me that you're right. I should have confessed my feelings a long time ago. I just let all the other fears and bullshit get in the way. 
Fuck me." Hammer shook his head. "Now that I'm ready to say it, it's not the right time or place..."  ~ Macen Hammerman

Soooooo....The Young and the Submissive is the second book in the Doms of Her Life  series. If you thought One Dom to Love was steamy, holy hell, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Let me give you a quick rundown of book one. Raine Kendall an abused runaway teenager was found beaten in an alley by Macen Hammerman, owner of BDSM club Shadows. He takes her in and takes care of her. Here's the thing, Raine falls in love with Hammer and he loves her back. Only he never lets his feelings for her out. Meet Liam O'Neill, Hammer's friend. Liam realizes Hammer is in love with Raine and plots to get them together. That plans backfires and Liam winds up falling in love with Raine himself. He collars her and his friendship with Hammer is in the toilet.

Fast forward to book two. You'll learn more about Raine, how she doesn't trust easily and she doesn't explain her feelings. Apparently, to be a good sub, we all know you need to give your trust entirely to your Dom. Well Raine doesn't and in a devastating move the first act of Liam in this book is to uncollar her.

If you know Raine, you know one of her greatest fears is people leaving her. She also hates to disappoint the ones she loves and  feels like she's ruined everything. She doesn't have Hammer. She doesn't have Liam and the two of them are ready to kill each other.

Raine leaves Shadows. She takes what little she has and she bails. This of course sends Hammer and Liam into a complete frenzy. The two of them are so in love with her it's crazy. They go into freak out mode trying to find her. But, Raine is a smart girl. She doesn't want to be found and our two dueling alphas can't find her. During this time they go to Raine's childhood home and meet her disgusting piece of filth father. I wish our alphas did more, but let's just say, dad got his.

In an interesting turn of events, Raine finds a surprising ally in Beck. You remember him? Well he turns out he's really not the jackass that I thought he was in book one. He literally takes Raine under his wing and helps her. The best part?? He didn't try to take advantage of her and he didn't give her up to Hammer. He gives her a place to stay, feeds her, and gives her some pretty damn good advice. Part of this advice is a little unusual. He basically tells Raine she could probably have both men. Of course Raine thinks that's crazy and brushes the idea off. She believes she's genuinely in love with both men.

When Raine finally comes back to Shadows, she tells Hammer and Liam she wants to train as a sub, but she wants a domme. I was a little confused here but that's what she asks for. Hammer and Liam are basically appalled by this. So they send Raine off to bed and tell her they'll discuss this request in the morning. Then our boys seriously beat the crap out of each other. Really they do.

After a bottle of Patron, a knock down drag out fight and some strong words from Beck and also Liam's friend from New York Seth, Hammer and Liam come to a decision that well quite frankly blew me out of the water.

I'm going to stop here because YOU HAVE TO READ IT. Raine's training is beyond steamy and she is one lucky girl. Each page I read made my girly parts tingle more than the page before it. So there's Raines training and there's the very last page which is an "Oh damn." moment.

Two things. One is I CAN'T WAIT FOR BOOK THREE!! Next, I definitely flip flopped on which Dom I'd love more. Both Liam and Hammer are hot and fantastic lovers, but my choice from book one is definitely not my choice from book two. I think I'll tell everyone who I pick after book three.

A four lip smack review for The Young and the Submissive. If you enjoy BDSM and you haven't checked out this series click away friends.


  1. Thank you sooo much, Riley Lynn!! You won't have to wait much longer for book 3 - The Bold and The Dominant. But hang on to you seat, it's going to be a bumpy ride... in a good way, of course!! *Wicked Grin* {{Hugs}}

    1. When I'm finished reading, I'm totally asking who your Dom would be!! Mine changed from book one to book two....I'd have to choose!! Lol


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