"I wish I could give you more Maria." Gavin whispered as he held me in a tight embrace, with his face buried against my neck and his hot breath fanning out over my chest. "I wish more than anything that things were different. That is whole mess was behind me. There are just some things that need to be taken care of before the divorce goes through. I don't want to drag you along. I just don't know if I have it in me to give you my all right now." ~ Gavin Tennison

Finding Gavin by C.A. Harms is the second book in her Southern Boys series. Now I was born and raised in the northeast, but I LOVE me some southern boys and Gavin is no exception. He's built, he's beautiful, he's got that whole southern drawl thing going on that I find incredibly sexy, and unfortunately, Gavin is a hot mess.

He's coming out of a seven year marriage, where his wife cheated on him, then tried to tried to pin her illegitimate pregnancy on him.

What Gavin didn't plan was meeting Maria Thompson. Beautiful, kind, loving Maria, whom Gavin thinks can just be a hit it and quit it girl for him. To make matters worse, even though Maria agrees to keep things casual with Gavin,  she quickly begins to fall for him. What's not to fall for? He really is the perfect guy except for that whole wife thing. So after a tearful goodbye, Gavin goes back to Savannah to settle his business with Nicole, the woman who shattered his faith in love.

Maria, heart broken by the loss of Gavin tries to hide from everyone. Avoiding her best friend Kori who's wedding she's supposed to be helping to plan.  Kori finally gets Maria to try and move on, it's not easy, but she's not sure if Gavin will ever come back. And if he does come back, maybe he won't want her.

She tries to move on.  Even goes out on a few dates with Aaron. Aaron is handsome and really likes Maria, but he's no Gavin and even though she tries, her heart is not at all into dating someone new. Which is kind of good because of course Gavin comes back and he definitely doesn't like seeing Maria with another guy. I love it when boys get jealous.

There's definitely more going on in Finding Gavin. Maria, who was abandoned by her father at a young age, has issues with people leaving her. Her dad left and took all her brothers with him, leaving Maria alone with her mom. Then she lets Gavin in and he leaves her too. So imagine Maria's surprise when her brothers come to see her and her mom with some news. For some reason, after all this time, her dad wants to see them. To make amends for leaving them all those years ago. At first, Maria wants nothing to do with any sort of reconciliation. Her mom and brothers convince her to make peace with her dad.

Maria also finds out something else that rocks her world. Something she hides from Gavin that causes her to almost lose him again. Then there's also the fact that his soon to be ex-wife Nicole is totally trying to win him back. Hopefully Gavin tells her where to go.

There are lots of reasons I think Gavin is a fantastic book boyfriend. He and Maria befriend this little boy Mikey. Mikey was orphaned after his parents both tragically passed away. Here's what's so amazing about Gavin. He starts spending time with Mikey like a big brother. How could you not swoon for someone that sweet and caring?

Both Gavin and Maria go through some rough patches in Finding Gavin. Will they find their happily ever after? Will Gavin's ex Nicole weasel her way back into his heart? For that matter will the girl who works at the home Mikey lives swoop in and steal Gavin away?

There's a lot going on here and I'm trying so hard not to give anything away. I'm really liking this series and I'm totally looking forward to Colt's book (Maria's brother). He seems like a tough nut to crack. Who will C.A. bring in to melt the ice around his heart??

A four lip smack review for Finding Gavin. It was sweet and sexy and there was just enough angst to keep you from getting too comfortable with the story.


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