"Sharing? We don't share. I would never share, and I especially would never share you." My tone gave away my rising anger. "Look," I drew a deep breath before I continued, "the past couple of nights have been really special to me. And last night? Last night was everything to me. I don't want to make light of it, and I don't want you to make light of it either. I'm only sharing you with me." ~ Arturo King

I was completely in love with Arturo King even before he spoke these words to Guinevere. The Legend of Arturo King isn't your typical rock band romance story. If you haven't recognized the play on words yet, Arturo King....King'll get it soon enough.

I have to admit I remember very little of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table and I was a drop apprehensive when I started this book.  A little of the legendary story is all I remembered from my high school days. But, L.B. Dunbar puts a fresh spin on the legend and you will love this story even if like me, you're memory of British Literature is not so great.

Arturo King is the lead singer of the legendary Nights. The band is also made up of Lansing Lotte, Perkins Vale, and Tristan Lyons. See the similarities now? Well if you don't, The Nights are playing a gig at the Round Table. A club where Leo DeGrance the owner finds and nurtures new bands.

At the Round Table, The Nights are playing the song that made them famous. A song that now pains Arturo whenever he has to sing it. When it wrote the song it meant something to him. Now (and you'll find out why) it means something completely different. At first glance, Arturo is like many of the rock band characters who we've come to love. He's gorgeous to look at. Tousled dark hair, mesmerizing dark eyes and some interesting ink all over his beautiful body. Check out the sword tatt (Excalibur, maybe?) which starts at his shoulder and ends at the knuckle of his middle finger.

Anyone, yes Arturo has all the bad boy rocker traits, too many women, too much liquor and indulged by the masses. But there's more to Arturo then that. The circumstances of his birth and upbringing are the stuff legends are made of. He was born from an unwanted sexual encounter and raised by two men who were not his birth father. Mure Linn is one of the men who raised Arturo. He is his mentor and confidante and I don't like him. Once again see the similarity Mure Linn (Merlin)? Mure thinks Arturo is bound for greatness and will basically do anything for this to happen.

The real story is when Arturo meets (or remeets) Guinevere DeGrance. Yes she is Leo's daughter and even though Arturo has seen her in the past, the now twenty one year old beauty catches his eye and Arturo is intent on making her his.

And this is where I fell in love with Arturo. He is more than beautiful to look at. Even though his life is not the norm and he is a bit spoiled, his intentions to Guinie always honorable. The problem is Guinie knows his reputation and even though he never does anything to her to deserve it, she is always suspicious of his motives. 

Their courtship takes place at Arturo's country home called Camlann. Much of it is sweet and consists of Arturo coaxing the very sheltered Guinevere out of her shell. It is at Camlann where Guinie learns of one of Arturo's many secrets. Their innocent walks and talks turn into a full blown, very sexy love between the two of them. Arturo and Guinevere have chemistry that is off the charts hot. Because she is sheltered in so many ways, Arturo is her teacher in the ways of love and romance. When Arturo and Guinie finally make is exactly that, making love. 

The writing in The Legend of Arturo King is beautiful. Everything that came from Arturo's mouth is just incredibly swoon worthy. He is well aware of the man whorishness from his past and spends a lot of time telling Guinevere that is his past and she is his future. When Arturo tells Guinie "You are my once, You are my future." I melted into a puddle. 

There's definitely more to this story than the romance. Arturo has many secrets and Guinie is still trying to figure out her place in the world. Then there's Mure Linn who has his own agenda and it's not hard to figure out what that is. There are definitely some shady goings on at the Round Table, but you need to read the book to find out. 

If you know the actual story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table I'd love to hear your take on this version. I will share again, I loved it. And I find myself a drop obsessed with Arturo (lucky Guinevere). 

Two more things. There's a cliff hanger. I'm not going to give you the build up because you need to know the whole story. Next, I know there are going to be at least two more books and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THEM!! 

I am obviously giving The Legend of Arturo King a five lip smack review. I generally always find myself immersed in the books I read, but this was a special book. One I think I'll probably go back to and read over and over again. 

"I love you, my Once and Future." 


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